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Get your business noticed with Thomas Franklin & Upfindiv Digital Marketing

Thomas Franklin has firsthand experience with the importance of effective digital marketing strategies. Starting his career as an aspiring musician, he discovered the importance of a good marketing strategy from early on. Using this knowledge, he developed his business Upfindiv with the mission of providing unique and fully customized marketing solutions to a range of clients. The well-rounded approach of the company has been successful for creating campaigns that get people the results they need.

Hi Thomas, can you begin by introducing yourself?

Hello, my name is Thomas Franklin, and I specialize in social media marketing for business and personal purposes. I was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. Then, when I was in my late teens I moved to Huntsville Alabama. I know, I just can’t be still!

When did you become interested in digital marketing?

I became interested in digital marketing in 2004 during the rise of YouTube and Myspace. I was a musician and an aspiring record executive, so I would research new ways to get my company’s music out to the world. Many failed attempts taught me many lessons. As I evolved so did the world of online marketing. I loved the psychology of it, and as an introvert, I knew that marketing from my computer would be quite comfortable.

What inspired you to develop your business, Upfindiv Marketing?

The funny thing about Upfindiv (uptrend financial division) is that it did not start out as a marketing company at its forefront. I was inspired to help people pursue their dreams of making money, so I put together a team that specializes in different side hustles and were willing to coach others into making extra money. There was also a drop shipping store, and then marketing was the third option. The grand reopening of Upfindiv after COVID-19 will focus more on marketing while still living up to the mission statement “take action, get money”.

Can you tell us about the services you offer?

A lot of companies struggle with finding their niche market and establishing a social media presence. Our services provide companies with a following of motivated prospects by researching a demographic that suits the personal business style of our client. For example, if you own a clothing store that caters to the style of everything relevant in pop culture, we find you a following of people who love the artists on the Top 100 charts in Billboard Magazine. We find them and narrow that demographic down from followers to prospects to customers. No matter if it’s a local paint store or an international shoe brand, our job is to get prospects motivated to buy.

What makes the services you offer clients unique compared to others in your industry?

What makes Upfindiv unique from other marketing companies is that they have what’s called a cookie-cutter approach to servicing their clients. Each client’s needs are treated exactly the same as the next one no matter how unique. That is a breeding ground for poor results! I’ve been the victim of such treatment, and it frustrated me to the point that I wanted to throw in the towel. Upfindiv offers a direct approach to the needs of each client. From color schemes and website banners to brainstorming an entire advertisement script and deciding which ads are best for stronger promotion, we offer Search Engine Optimization that will put our clients at the top of Google, and we will generate relevant leads for our clients who have noticed a decrease in website traffic. Upfindiv Marketing is the best solution for new companies as well as seasoned companies looking for fresh ideas.

Why in your opinion is digital marketing so important for businesses in this day and age?

In 2021, digital marketing is so important because it covers such a significant portion of what we pay attention to. It’s a form of broadcasting to the public because everyone is tuning in. In 2020, 3.96 BILLION people were actively using social media, and since COVID-19, people are tuning in more than ever before to remain connected with family and friends. The average person is exposed to anywhere between 4,000 and 10,000 advertisements per day. Social media is not a fad, and there is a high price to pay for ignoring all its possibilities.

Can you tell us a bit about your process when working with a new client?

No disrespect to our existing clients, but new ones are my favorite! For me, marketing is like putting together a puzzle. My team and I learn the specific needs of each client as well as what failed approaches they’ve attempted. We present the services that we know will be most effective. After closing a deal, we work with our network of trained professionals to execute those tasks, giving the clients the ability to let this metaphorical car drive itself or allow them to personally engage with their following because there’s nothing like a genuine connection, after all. With our approach, we assist the client in putting together the puzzle successfully.

You definitely get what you pay for. Each client receives a dedicated team with the sole objective to redirect traffic to your website. Because this is subscription-based, this is an ongoing process that includes content creation, product placement, influencer scouting, SEO, web design, and so much more.

Finally, what do you think is the most important piece of advice you can give to someone starting out with digital marketing?

The most important piece of advice I can offer is if you expect an astronomical sales increase over night then you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Even a record released on a Friday, which ends up selling 100,000 units that day, has either been marketed for months or surprise-released by a multi-platinum-selling artist. Be patient, be persistent, be consistent, and overall, be ready to spend time and money.

Digital marketing is something that must be taken advantage of in this day and age. With Thomas Franklin and Upfindiv, you have the opportunity to create a comprehensive and holistic marketing strategy that is designed specifically to suit your business. Targeting the right customers is their goal and their expert knowledge will create a campaign for you that is highly effective and unique to your business. Follow up with Thomas Franklin at

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