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Get the Hair You Have Always Dreamed of with Hair Transplant Consultant Andreas Krämer

Hair transplants require professional surgeons that are trained in the art of giving you beautiful full locks that will last you for years to come. Unfortunately, these professionals are hard to come by, and many universities do not even teach hair surgery. This means that plastic surgeons who attempt hair surgery may not be adequately trained in this specific field. The last thing you want is a botched hair transplant, which is where Andreas Krämer comes in.

Before he was a hair transplant consultant, Andreas Krämer graduated from the “Higher Commercial School” in his hometown of Saarbrücken in Germany. He then completed his industrial clerk apprenticeship and went on to work at his parents’ company for years. After some time, he decided to pursue a career as an insurance salesman, going back to school to train. He graduated in 2001 but soon realised that his true passion lay in the world of hair transplants.

Andreas Krämer

Since 2004, Andreas Krämer has been dedicated to helping countless clients find specialists that can deliver quality results. As a sufferer of hair loss himself, he has undergone several transplants and knows exactly what to look for when searching for the surgeon who can complete this process. Andreas Krämer founded his company Hairforlife as a support system for those considering a hair transplant. For over a decade, he has helped many achieve their hair goals by finding them the best hair transplant professionals in the business.

In conjunction with these consulting services, Andreas Krämer has also been working towards reducing the possibility of botched hair transplants. In 2012, he partnered with Christoph Bomke, a lawyer from medical law firm BBP Rechtsanwälte to help provide advice for those who have experienced poor results from a hair transplant. On top of this, Andreas Krämer has partnered with Dr. Özgür and Dr. John Cole from Hairline Clinic to found the Hair Transplant Training Center for Doctors (HTTC). This is a facility that provides specialised training for doctors so that they can competently complete hair transplants. This means that the number of unqualified doctors who botch hair transplants is reduced.

The dedication of Andreas Krämer has led to him becoming one of the top hair transplant consultants in the world. With firsthand experience of the process and a deep empathy for the experience, he is trusted by many to fulfil their hair goals.

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