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Get Inspired by These 10 Save The Date Cards Colour Palettes

color palette guide

There’s nothing like a beautifully designed save the date cards to get your guests excited for your upcoming marital ceremony. Deciding on your colour palette can be tricky (there are so many pretty combinations!) yet loads of fun.

From warm autumn tones to classic whites and blues, here are 10 colour palettes we love at the moment.


Sage and peach

For a soft, pretty springtime affair, few colours work better together than sage and peach. The pair blend beautifully and look especially wonderful in gardens. Dress up your cards with some watercolour flowers and a hint of twine for a romantic design.


Terracotta and green

This is a beautiful yet subtle pairing that is well-suited to fairy-tale, rustic and forest marital ceremonies. Think terracotta lanterns, tablecloths, flowers and dresses, and deep green leaves as accents. Your guests will love the romantic yet contemporary look of your wedding invitations!


Rose gold and white

There’s nothing trendier than rose gold, not just in jewellery but in marital ceremonies, too! Soft metallic blush can be spotted everywhere from wine glasses to photo frames. Its sweet, girly appeal makes it a wedding invitation favourite, and it especially suits preppy summertime affairs. Pair it with white for a gentle, classy look.


Ivory, green and gold

For a native Australian inspired look, consider blending ivory, green and gold. Reminiscent of gumtrees, grey myrtle and our vibrant sun, this is a wonderful option for people who want a soft, natural and romantic occasion. Consider adding some watercolour gum leaves to your wedding invitations.


Peach, burgundy and gold

Peach, burgundy and gold offer a flush, sultry aesthetic that is both mature and classic – with a touch of contemporary. This colour scheme works well with rustic affairs paired with wooden textures and gold embellishments. A touch of sparkle on your wedding invitations doesn’t hurt, either!


Burgundy, mustard and green

Those looking to have a warm, autumnal affair might want to consider looking into roses and wild pansies – the burgundy, mustard and green combination is a winner. Rich, vibrant and sunny, it’s a great option for romantic vintage wedding invitations.


Indigo and silver

For a dreamy celestial aesthetic, consider looking into the indigo and silver combination. With indigo representing the deep blue night sky and silver stars lighting it up, there are few colour schemes as mystical and ethereal as this one. Incorporate sun and moon motifs into your card designs for something really special.


Green and mauve

When paired together, green and mauve elicit feelings of romance, fairy-tales and a hint of boho free-spiritedness. Incorporate them into your wedding invitations using floral imagery and geometric lines and shapes for a contemporary yet whimsical aesthetic.


Navy, dusty blue and green

If you’re having a beach marital ceremony (or just love the colour blue), this colour palette might be right up your alley. Soft prints and gentle textures work a treat on cards, as does any nautical imagery you might want to include. Blue backdrops on your big day will help to create a cohesive vibe, especially given that there aren’t many blue flowers (you’ll likely have to opt for white).


Black and white

Black and white is a timeless colour scheme for wedding invitations and is perfect for classic, formal occasions. Make a statement by incorporating black or white lace or other embellishments into your cards.



With so many different colours, your colour scheme options are virtually limitless, but making a choice doesn’t have to be too hard. Follow your gut instincts and choose the colour combination that you feel the most drawn to.