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Georgii Kesaev Is Bringing Scientific Sport Solutions That Make The Difference

Georgii Kesaev is no stranger to the magical world and expert advice that can be derived from good data streams and monitoring systems. Through the wonders of technological breakthroughs, there are now more ways to access innovative data in the realm of the professional sporting world. For the sporting world, data sets are directly correlated to player performance, funding allocations and overall estimations of success, which were typically harder to come by in years gone by.

Georgii Kesaev is the head of Firld, an ambitious project that is cornering the market of consultation for professional athletes and pairing useful data streams and sources to ensure that their clients are making the right decisions every time.

Georgii answered a few questions surrounding the current state of the sporting industry, the vitality of honest data sources, as well as how his approach differs from traditional means.

Hi Georgii, welcome. To begin the interview, can you provide some background on yourself and your expertise in the sports industry?

With an academic background in management in Russia, I moved to Germany where I got a master’s degree in economics. After my studies, I had my first professional experience in the sports industry as an athlete representative when successfully negotiated and secured a contract with a sports club on behalf of an athlete. My professional expertise lies in athlete consulting, performance analysis, and project management. I am currently working on a start-up project Firld with the main idea of maximizing the potential of athletes and sports teams, utilizing new technologies.

Can you tell us about your project Firld?

I started Firld at a pivotal time to deliver high-quality consulting services regarding promotion and digital content to professional athletes while leveraging data-driven solutions for business strategy and maintaining a strong strategic focus on business goals. Firld offers technology solutions that provide estimations in professional soccer and analyse the performance of athletes from various angles. Important to mention that we have recently launched the beta version of our product – estimating market values in women’s soccer, using a data-driven approach.

You are known for using a data-driven approach to estimate market values in soccer. How is this different from a crowdsourcing approach?

First of all, it can be noted that the market value is a price as much as a soccer club is willing to pay for a player, including all additional costs, and taking into account that the current club of this player is willing to accept this offer. There is some research on this topic that show low deviations of estimated market values from actual transfer fees when using a data-driven approach, especially for less famous players.

As for the crowdsourcing approach, it is more accurate for top players. We use a data-driven approach because nowadays the salaries and transfer fees, for example, in women’s soccer are lower in comparison with men’s division. Additionally, it is more efficient to use a data-driven approach for scouting purposes, where scouts mainly look for young talents or low- to medium-priced soccer players.

How important do you think it is to conduct technical and performance analysis, particularly for scouting?

New technologies are challenging the traditional ways of doing business. Using different software programs for performance analysis is very helpful for soccer scouting purposes. Firstly, it saves time regarding traveling to different regions. Secondly, it reduces costs respectively. Thirdly, it helps to find out the best alternatives according to your customized parameters. Last but not least, it brings flexibility to work-life balance, because there is the possibility to combine both on-site and remote working formats.

How did your involvement in the 2018 FIFA World Cup inspire you to start your business?

When working in an elite soccer environment, you are always inspired by experienced professionals, high-quality services, an amazing atmosphere, and global coverage of the event. You develop yourself as a professional and improve different skills, which definitely has a positive impact on being ready to start working on your own start-up project.

Do you see women’s soccer continuing to grow into the future? How do you see it developing?

Women’s soccer will undoubtedly continue to expand, and there are numerous reasons for this. To begin with, women’s soccer today has a considerably wider audience due to increased media coverage. The attendance shows signs of incredible potential.

It can be added that a growing commercial interest in women’s soccer leads to a rise in the pay of players, improving the sport’s competition. Moreover, there is dynamic growth in transfer fees and a constant increase in the volume of transfers. More investors, sponsors, and agents are willing to be involved in women’s soccer, which has a promising future.

Finally, where are you at with your current projects? Is there anything new and exciting developing for you and your business in the future?

I am currently involved in different projects in the sports industry, especially in the areas of performance analysis and data estimations. At Firld, we are presently working on covering more leagues to estimate market values in soccer. Therefore, with a career history steeped in the marriage of professional sports and business leadership, I am immersed in the trends changing the industry.

Thank you Georgii for your time!
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