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Genesis by Massiahg is dark and aggressive grunge rap experience

Massiahg is an American rapper based in Queens, New York who is bringing his diverse beat selection and style of flow to a scene that’s begging for a breath of fresh air. His latest EP “Genesis” is truly diverse in what it brings to the table, and the artist does not pull any punches when it comes to expressing himself through his music.

The first track, “BreakRulez”, starts out with some atmospheric pads before dropping hard into Massiahg’s unapologetic style of grunge rap. Massiahg’s rapping gets more aggressive as it goes, making the track feel kind of like a rant that’s getting more and more intense. The lyrics communicate a sense of frustration that you can really feel through the music, making it the perfect track to vibe with if you’re feeling angry about something.

The 2nd track “Ghosts” starts off even more aggressively than the first. The use of bells in this track gives it a ghostly atmosphere appropriate to the track name. While the track is the shortest in length, it’s also the most hard-hitting – we only wish there was an extended version!

“Pushing Buttons” is the 3rd track, and it’s much more relaxed in style than the first two. Massiahg’s performance feels more like his internal thoughts, almost like a self-reflective chain of consciousness. The track is dripping with honesty, and you can definitely feel that everything the artist is rhyming about has an intense personal meaning to them.

The last track “Illuminati” is purely instrumental, showcasing Massiahg’s talents in beat selection and arrangement. It would be a great backing beat for rap lyrics, but it stands on its own as a haunting minimal techno track that you can close your eyes and vibe to.

Massiahg’s unconventional style of rap and beat selection produces some really interesting results, and we can’t wait to hear more when his full-length album “Against The Grains” drops in 2021.

Listen to Genesis on Spotify here you can follow up and connect with Massiahg via Instagram @massiahg