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Ari Sarafyan

Gen Z entrepreneur Ari Sarafyan has found extraordinary success in the sneaker reselling industry

Ari Sarafyan has kept a low profile for a while, until now. His success is increasing by the day, which places him in an increasingly prominent role in the sneaker reselling industry. This Gen Z entrepreneur got interested in this niche when he was just a teen. Now, three years later, he manages two incredibly successful businesses focused on sneaker reselling.

The latest and greatest sneakers get dropped on specific dates, at specific times. The hype generated by anticipating sneaker drops leads to a massive amount of people storming online websites to grab a pair of highly-coveted speakers before others do. This extreme mismatch of supply and demand led to Ari having a great idea. He decided to create a “cooking” group on Discord that would help people looking to resell sneakers to snag shoes from those limited drops.

It turns out that there is considerable demand by others looking to become young entrepreneurs to do that as well. Ari’s Discord community, named AK Chefs, now enjoys thousands of members, who each spend $50 per month to gain access to alerts on the latest drops, tutorials, and store checkout bots that make buying shoes quicker.

Ari created AK Chefs to be a company that guides its customers to achieve their reselling goals. He firmly believes that he owes it to his customers to provide them with nothing less than his absolute best. As someone who is sincerely passionate about, and dedicated to, the reselling niche, he has achieved impressible success.

Today, Ari has a team of a few dozen teens and 20-somethings who specialize in each aspect of the reselling business to provide customers with any kind of assistance they may need. This commitment to providing exemplary service means Ari spends most of his waking life focused on his business. That usually results in spending over 85 hours every week on it, often at the detriment to other areas of his life.

Sitting out watching Sunday football, missing out on parties, and other things that he enjoys are decisions he has to make to complete tasks like payroll and leading members of the AK Chefs community through challenging shoe releases. However, it is because of his strenuous effort and sheer determination that he has cultivated AK Chefs to become a business that has a reputation of being the best. His competition simply can’t compete with what Ari has created with AK Chefs.

entrepreneur Ari Sarafyan

Today, AK Chefs is continually providing the most accurate and up-to-date information to its customers, in order to be a step ahead of everyone else. It’s no wonder that Ari has achieved the extraordinary success he has in the sneaker reselling industry.

You can find out more information on AK Chefs by heading over to their website, as well as following them on Twitter and Instagram. If you want to keep up with the latest from Ari himself, then you can follow him on Instagram.