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Gavin Mayo: On Starting with Stocks and Quickly Becoming Great at it

Many investors feel uneasy when it comes to trading in the stock market. Ideally, the main reason for the uneasiness is the lack of knowledge on the various options available. A majority of others shy away simply because they find the market too complicated and intimidating. But the concept of the stock market is straightforward. You simply purchase stocks of publicly listed companies, hoping that the share prices will go up after a certain period. If the prices go up, they will attract interest from other investors, and then you will be able to sell the shares at a now higher price hence making a profit.


However, newbies in the stock market are advised to stick to the basics of buying and selling stocks as they learn more about other available options. Gavin Mayo is one college student highly interested in stocks who has quickly grown a massive following, thanks to his educational approach to stock picking, investing and trading. He joined the stock market early last year after the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. He is still a college student, and with classes suspended, he grabbed the opportunity and focused on his childhood dream of investing and trading stocks.


Since the age of 13, Gavin was always fascinated by stocks but could do little about it. He would only spend time watching YouTube videos on stocks while messing around with everything to do with stocks. He started investing in stocks at the end of his freshman year, although he could not focus on it fully. Gavin would trade while in class and use the time to try and learn more about stocks. He was a high school athlete working on getting a scholarship to be in a high-level Division 1 School for swimming. He eventually committed to the University of North Carolina. As a college athlete, it was hard to balance between learning about stocks and focusing on swimming.


But since he was passionate and more than fascinated with stocks, he never gave up on his dream. His time came when the opportunity presented itself as a pandemic. He has realized tremendous growth within the last two years, which is only a dream to many. The stock market has been known to be intimidating and ruthless to first-timers, an obstacle that Gavin comfortably conquered thanks to his early fascination with stocks.


He is active on Discord where he teaches others financial literacy. Gavin is focusing on building his business, Luxury Equities, where he wants to help investors turn their equities into luxuries. His plans on traveling the world and teaching as many people as possible about finance and stocks. He also hopes to one day be able to start his own hedge fund.


Gavin is very active on social media where he connects with his followers. He can be reached on TikTok, Instagram, Discord, and YouTube.


Gavin is truly an inspiration to young people and everyone else who wants to dive into the world of stocks. He has clearly shown that everything is possible with passion and commitment.