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Fumi Ogunsemore: The Nurse and CEO Bringing Homecare to Communities in Need

Fumi Ogunsemore grew up with an important responsibility in taking care of her grandmother. The experience taught her how challenging, yet rewarding, it is to provide care for elderly relatives at home versus a nursing home. Pursuing her passion, she became a nurse in 2011 and, by 2017, after realizing the growing need for it, she started a company called, Valley of Joy HomeCare / Valley of Joy Medical Staffing, as owner and CEO.

Providing Patient Care

Valley of Joy HomeCare enables safe, independent living for all ages by helping clients with daily activities. Since the company’s launch, over 40 home healthcare clients have been served.  In fact, Ogunsemore, who is still actively a nurse in the field, regularly provides assistance to seniors and people with disabilities when she can.

For Ogunsemore, the job comes naturally. After all, it’s what she grew up doing. Her experience caring for her grandmother helped her realize firsthand how expensive nursing homes can be. She realized that receiving care in somebody’s own home is a privilege and she wanted to bring that possibility to as many people as possible.

Valley of Joy HomeCare provides cost-effective home and community government-funded programs so that homecare can reach the people who need it the most. Ogunsemore wants to support her community as much as she can, helping people get the medical care they deserve, all while in the comfort of their own homes.

Connecting Nurses with Employers

Ogunsemore also has a sister company, Valley of Joy Medical Staffing, that taps into her other passion: helping nurses find jobs. This healthcare staffing company helps nurses locate and apply for jobs. Ogunsemore founded the company as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which left hospitals in the lurch with more patients than they could handle. Valley of Joy Medical Staffing benefits both healthcare providers and nurses by connecting employers in need with hands that are ready to work.

Additionally, nurses are provided with housing if they need to move and other resources to help them further their careers as well. Ogunsemore utilizes her nursing license and her natural research abilities to find opportunities for nurses.

“There’s an abundance of opportunities that not everyone may know of,” Ogunsemore said. “It’s my responsibility to access the information and people that I know and connect those in need with people who are ready to seize new opportunities. That’s my gift, and I’m glad for the ability to use it.”

With her companies growing and the stakes getting higher for those in need, things may seem overwhelming for any owner and CEO, but not for Ogunsemore. She keeps things simple. For her, it all comes back to what her grandmother used to say, “If you have a loaf of bread and you see someone who doesn’t have anything, you need to share it with them.”

About Valley of Joy Home Care

Valley of Joy Home Care has been in business for over 5 years, and with the addition of their new endeavour, Valley Of Joy Medical Staffing, have helped dozens of clients and placed hundreds of nurses across the country. They work alongside America’s biggest healthcare facilities across the country to assist in ensuring adequate staffing for their patients. To learn more about their staffing services for nurses, click here: