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From Unfulfilling Jobs to Upwardly Paved Paths: The Inspiring Journey of Davina Ware

Davina Ware is a woman on a mission. After spending nearly a decade in underwhelming jobs, she decided to use her experience to help others find their way to fulfilling careers. The result of her efforts is Upwardly Paved Path, a career coaching program that has helped countless people find jobs that truly fit their personalities, skills, and quirks.

Davina’s journey began with a simple realization: she was unhappy with her job. She spent nearly ten years bouncing from one job to another, searching for something that felt right but always coming up short. Finally, her pastor gave her some advice that would change her life: “Your struggle should be someone else’s shortcut.”

Davina took that advice to heart and created a program to help others avoid the same struggle she had faced. She became a career coach, offering personalized guidance to help people find jobs that genuinely fit who they are.

Today, Davina is the CEO of Upwardly Paved Path, a thriving career coaching program that has helped countless people find their dream jobs. Her flagship product is the 90-Day Career Fix program, which has helped men and women make successful career changes in just three months.

The 90-Day Career Fix is an accelerated program designed to help individuals level up in their lives and take charge of their careers. In just three months, the program helps participants secure their ideal career in half the time it would typically take. 

During the first month, individuals will undergo self-discovery to uncover their subconscious barriers and identify personal obstacles. The program will then align participants with a career that allows them to shine within a particular function. During this process, students will gain clarity on work habits and the type of work environment where they thrive.

In the final month, practical application and preparation will be the focus to help participants obtain their new career, which involves building an optimized resume, sharpening their interviewing skills, and developing a job search strategy. The program prepares individuals to leave their current job with their professional reputations intact and confidently step into their new career with purpose.

Through Upwardly Paved Path, Davina has helped people from all walks of life and industries. From recent college graduates to seasoned professionals, she has helped her clients identify their unique strengths, passions, and goals. With this information, she has worked with them to develop personalized career plans, providing guidance and support every step of the way.

What sets Upwardly Paved Path apart is Davina’s approach. She understands that finding the right career is not just about skills and qualifications; it’s also about personality, values, and lifestyle. So she takes the time to get to know her clients on a personal level, asking thoughtful questions and listening to their stories. 

Davina’s clients have described her as an empathetic and knowledgeable coach who helps them find clarity and direction. She has a knack for identifying patterns and themes in her clients’ experiences and seeing the potential in people they may not see in themselves. She works with them to set realistic goals and then develops action plans to achieve those goals.

Davina’s focus on finding purpose in one’s career and creating positive work environments is significant in today’s world, where the pandemic has forced many people to reevaluate their priorities and seek greater fulfillment in their work. By helping individuals find the right fit, Davina is improving their lives and helping companies build stronger and more productive teams.

Davina Ware’s journey as the founder and CEO of Upwardly Paved Path is an inspiring story of how personal struggle can lead to meaningful change and success. Through her 90-day career Fix program, coaching services, and focus on creating positive work environments, Davina is helping individuals find purpose in their careers and assisting companies to build stronger and more productive teams. 

Her dedication to her mission is a testament to the power of following one’s passions and positively impacting the world. To learn more about Davina or about the programs she offers, including the 90-Day Career Fix, visit her website at 

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