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From sneaker collector to entrepreneur/influencer, Chris Robinson has come a long way.

This young man of Irish and African American ethnicity has emerged as the most successful sneaker businessman today.

Chris has always been crazy about sneakers since his young days. Born in Long Branch, NJ, Chris has become one of the most popular sneakerhead/influencers of present times. Looking back Chris says, “my childhood has not been like others and I didn’t have the best of what other kids had. Seeing them wear the trendiest of clothing and sneakers made me fall in love with them more and I made up my mind to buy all those amazing pairs of sneakers which I missed while growing up when Im on my own.” By the time he was 14, he got his working papers and with his first paycheck purchased his first pair of Nike, which started his collection spree of the bestest sneakers from across the world. Collecting the most unique pairs, he finally established his own store in 2011. To further mark his presence, he teamed up with the number one Reebok collector in the world named deeboks and a former store owner to manage his sneaker business and remodel the store from scratch.

Having found success with his store, Chris has gone ahead and has donated to multiple charities through his sneakers business. “I have purchased three pairs of Nike Air Mags and donated over $15,000 to Michael J. Fox Parkinsons Foundation, as well as $11,000 to Doerbecher Childrens Hospital after purchasing one pair of the What the Doernbecher Nike Dunk in an eBay charity auction,” says Chris. Apart from donating to charities, Chris runs numerous drives throughout the year in his store to help the local communities.

When asked about what is the biggest lesson he has learnt in his journey so far, Chris says, “no matter what, always rely on yourself to get things in place. No one other than yourself can help you tide through troubled waters. Support from family and friends help you to a certain extent, but finally its you who has the capability to face all adversities and emerge as a winner.”

Having seen success from close quarters, Chris now wants to design his own shoe with Nike SB, and that’s a dream he will fulfill very soon, says the avid sneaker collector/influencer confidently.

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