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From heavy financial crisis to become the best Facebook ad strategist in Hong Kong – entrepreneur Chris Chung’s journey to the top.

Chris Chung’s charisma and intricate study of online marketing and advertising helped him boost business for his clients successfully.

As social media marketing witnessed a boom, a man from Hong Kong made the most of it and is now a renowned strategist and marketer; he is Chris Chung. Since the beginning of his childhood, Christopher Isaac Chung was adequately charming and excellent at people management. Academically, he wasn’t that great and knew that he wanted to foray into entrepreneurship. 

The 1996-born boy faced a huge financial crisis when his parents filed for divorce. All his business plans took a hit and were contemplating working 9 to 5 in a typical job. But this changed when he stumbled across Instagram fashion/lifestyle influencers, who were able to monetize their content. With his passion for marketing and advertising, Chris came up with various strategies to boost his followers, generating relatable content. He got over 35K followers in no time, and he was invited to the London/Milan fashion week, where he had dinner with

Chris Chung hit the jackpot and started working with many fashion/lifestyles brands, including Apple Music, Boohoo, Cornerstone, Deliveroo, Dior Parfums, Forever 21, Nokia, Paul Smith, Proper Corn, Ralph Lauren, Specsavers (, Ted Baker Vitabiotics. Soon, he opened up his marketing brand Locate 852 ( , to help his clients grow their online reach. He worked for small companies and slowly moved onto boosting celebrity accounts. As he grew in the business, he realized the importance of making people understand how to grow their following and how to monetize from that. So, for four years, he learned minute details of Instagram and Facebook advertising. He tested all channels of advertising content on Facebook and dedicated his time to know what goes in the mind of a consumer and what compels him to buy a particular product.

Today, Chris Chung has some of the best entrepreneurs, public figures, coaches in the world as his clients. He also attained praises in testimonials of leading entrepreneurs of the business, namely David Meltzer and Kevin O’ Leary. His command on online advertising makes them invest a six-figure sum and Chris gives them exceptional returns on that. Christopher Chung has truly mastered Facebook advertising and has attained flowering success as a digital marketer and advertiser.

Follow him on Instagram – @chrisichung.