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From Grit to Glory: Chris Matts’ Meteoric Rise to Success

As a young boy, Chris Matts’ journey has been defined by overcoming immense challenges. However, from an early age, he was determined to rise above them. One of many adverse experiences that shaped Chris’s determination to succeed was when he was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 7, given a mere 30% chance of survival. Despite the odds, He was in remission within a year. Today, Chris has been the founder of multiple 7 figure enterprises and stands as a beacon of hope, showcasing the incredible journey of resilience and redemption. 

Chris began his entrepreneurship and business ventures starting at a very young age. Whether it was selling candy and gum from a backpack or cashing in approximately $700 a weekend selling water at the local festival in his hometown of Traverse City, his entrepreneurial sharpness was evident. But beneath this enterprising exterior, there was turbulence. Hailing from a family that struggled, relying on food stamps and Section Eight housing, adversity was a constant companion. By eleven, Chris had veered off the path, grappling with probation and being a troubled teen.

But every dawn heralds a new beginning. For Chris, his pivotal moment arrived in his late teens. An insightful conversation with his uncle and an entrepreneurial book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, reshaped his perspective. Chris realized that success was a conscious choice, a product of relentless hard work and unwavering determination. This epiphany led him to enroll in business classes during his senior year of high school, setting the foundation for his future endeavors. 

His foray into the business world started differently than Chris thought it would. While working in Direct Sales in 2013, he quickly realized he had great recruiting skills, but lacked the necessary leadership skills needed to go even further in the business. It was around this time that he discovered faith in God, a spiritual turning point. Initially hesitant, Chris dedicated three full years to ministry, delving into Bible studies and sharing spiritual insights. 

Life, however, had more surprises in store. In 2018, Chris transitioned from full-time ministry to full-time marketing. He went from making a mere $500 a month to building a 7-figure marketing agency in just 24 months. 

Since then, Chris has gone on to build multiple enterprises in e-commerce, crypto, and business coaching. He and his wife now reside on a beautiful 37-acre slice of paradise in the Appalachian mountains. They enjoy the benefits of country living in the mountains where they focus on health and the vibrance of life.

What sets Chris apart from the competition of entrepreneurs flooding the market? It’s the mix between his rugged past and resilient spirit. Every challenge, every setback, has been a stepping stone, shaping him into the man he is today. His faith, combined with a life rich in varied experiences, makes him a force in the world of business. Today he stands tall, a testament to what one can achieve with unwavering faith and indomitable spirit, having taken multiple companies to 7-figures in just a few short years.

As Chris continues to work on innovative projects and strategies, he exemplifies the ethos of “product of the product.” His story isn’t just a testament to his business acumen but underscores the essence of perseverance, transformation, and faith. 

For those inspired by Chris’ journey and looking to carve a niche in the world of marketing, there’s good news. When Chris was asked about his strategy for building, he stated “I grow my enterprises by adding value to others. That has been and always will be my strategy for building wealth!” To see what Chris is working on now and what value he can add to your entrepreneurial journey, Visit and take the first step towards scripting your success stage. 

In the tapestry of life, Chris Matts stands out, not just for his entrepreneurial successes but for his journey from the gritty lanes of adversity to the glorious corridors of success. Prominent Marketing isn’t just a company; it’s a beacon of hope, a symbol of what determination, hard work, and faith can achieve.