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From Crater Lake to Indonesia – professional photographer Gabriel Maia has gone global with his art

Professional photographer Gabriel Maia has left his home country of Brazil to travel all over the work, in the pursuit of the perfect locations for his photoshoots. He has been everywhere from the breathtaking Crater Lake National Park in Oregon in the United States to exotic islands in the 17,000-island nation of Indonesia.

Traveling with his daughter, Rosiane, Gabriel has been traveling whenever he can to take the perfect photos as part of his artistic style. He mainly focuses on black-and-white photography and environmental portrait photography. These are two types of art he enjoys shooting, as do his 150K followers on Instagram.

As someone who has been to several continents and numerous countries, Gabriel has had the opportunity to create photographic art that few get the opportunity to do. For those of us who cannot get up close and personal to an epic waterfall in Iceland or an ancient jungle temple in Cambodia, we can vicariously live through the photographs Gabriel takes.

To date, Gabriel has traveled to such places as the United States, Israel, Myanmar, Zimbabwe, Egypt, England, Nepal, Thailand, and many more. Spending a significant amount of time in Asia allowed him and his daughter Rosiane to visit several countries with great ease. There is a rich history in that part of the world, as well as a diverse array of cultures, that make for excellent scenes for black-and-white photography and environmental portrait photography.

Some of Gabriel’s finest work was shot in Indonesia. This would be black-and-white photography that he took with the specific intention of getting into the prestigious Photo Vogue Italia magazine. After amassing an extensive collective of stunning and captivating images, his work was accepted into the magazine. Today, there is a portfolio of dozens of photographs from serene landscapes, bustling cities, and spiritual centers in and around Indonesia.

This success has driven Gabriel and Rosiane to collaborate more and take their art to a new level. Currently, this duo has been focused on environmental portrait photography, and has been getting plenty of attention on social media thanks to it.

Rosiane has taken a more prominent place in Gabriel’s art. After studying posing from other professional models, she has perfected how it is done. This, combined with the breathtaking locations Gabriel shoots the photos in, has led to this father-daughter team amassing over 150,000 followers on their Instagram page. With this number steadily rising, it is clear that there is both a desire and demand for the photography art that Gabriel and Rosiane are creating for the world.

Above all else, Gabriel wants to lift people up and help them live vicariously through the stunning photos he takes of exotic locations around the world. Especially during these times, it’s very much appreciated.

As someone who is immensely passionate about photography as an artform, Gabriel doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. He wants to elevate as many people as possible with his stunning photography art.

To see some of the environmental portrait photography from this father-daughter duo, you can take a look at their Vogue Italia portfolio. You can also follow Gabriel Maia on Instagram @rosyimages.

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