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Frank Eufemia Shows Mastery in Mortgage Protection Insurance

Mortgage protection insurance is a comprehensive, affordable way to ensure that you wouldn’t lose your property even in the most extreme case scenario. Mortgage protection guarantees you will repay your mortgage when you cannot make the payment due to illness or injury. Like life insurance, mortgage insurance comprises most of a home insurance package.

Essentially, mortgage protection insurance (MPI) helps homeowners cover the remaining balance of their mortgages if unforeseen events prevent them from making regular payments. However, insurance experts, including Frank Eufemia, advise that even though the added security MPI offers is important, a thorough understanding of this type of coverage is required.

Frank Eufemia is the president and CEO of Family First Life (FFL) National, a top mortgage insurance company helping homeowners safeguard their investments. Frank specializes in life insurance, mortgage protection, final expenses, retirement preservation, and retirement protection and shares over a decade of experience in the industry serving clients in Baltimore, Harford, and surrounding counties since 2010. 

Frank has been an integral part of the growth of Family First Life, the number one Insurance IMO in the country, and as one of the original 9 FFL agents. His mastery of mortgage protection insurance made him one of the first agents to be inducted into the FFL Hall of Fame on both the agency and management sides. He was also listed among the top 5 in the Family First Life Agency sales volume. 

This experience gives Frank the ability to not only help clients understand how to sell at a high level but also help them understand how to build a business at a high level. His previous experience as a mortgage broker provided him the ability to understand and train agents on the importance of mortgage protection and the value of the “cash back” options offered by a few other carriers in the country.

Frank is driven to help agents succeed by shortening the learning curve he dealt with at the beginning of his insurance career. He also coached and mentored thousands of agents to understand the key to selling mortgage protection life insurance.

Frank believes that success is a mindset; therefore, if you have the right one, you will succeed. He bases his belief on the fact that he once lost everything in his mortgage industry career but still managed to survive. 

“Even after losing everything, I realized that although things were bad, they were still significantly better than the way some people live. With this in mind, I was able to expand my firm quite aggressively thanks to my fearless personality,” explains Frank.

Frank aspires to go down in history as a selfless, creative, and people-oriented leader by helping clients, as well as agents, realize their goals. The sales world is driven by the networks you create, and to Frank, the best way to “close a deal” is to connect with people. Listen to what they say, and sincerely assist them in understanding the best course of action for themselves and their families. 

Frank’s goal is to assist less-fortunate children and give them the confidence to pursue their aspirations because youngsters do not get to choose where they are born or who their parents are.