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Founder of Tribal Music Group, Stan Wittenberg’s Journey to Establish a Label

Understanding music and being an artist can be pretty tough in this day and age as the competition is a lot higher than in the past. But what makes the process easier are the labels working to ensure that artists get the opportunities they deserve. Stan Wittenberg, the owner of Tribal Music Group, has worked tirelessly to give emerging artists a platform. 

Tribal Music Group is a company that has various social media brands under the same umbrella. These accounts have a demographic dedicated to music lovers, and the audience is a collective of 7 million. From SoundCloud and Instagram to YouTube, they have their entire network prepared. 

Stan and his team work towards promoting their client’s music through current trends. They have created user-generated content such as reels and various other marketing strategies. Furthermore, they also promote music through NFTs, which have recently become a fruitful way to market and increase revenue. 

Tribal Trap began in 2014 when Stan was only 15 years of age. He started as a YouTuber who uploaded new trap daily, and his subscribers didn’t have to go through the hassle of finding it. Eventually, artists started to sign-up and wanted to use the Tribal Trap platform for exclusive premieres and releases. This helped the audience of his channel grow even further. 

Stan’s platform did remarkably well, and the message went out to the right demographic, but convincing bigger artists to choose Tribal Trap was not easy. Not many were willing to sign with a company run by a teenager. Gaining the client’s trust and confidence was not easy, but Stan refused to give up.

Helping independent musicians flourish and make names for themselves in the industry is an accomplishment for Tribal Music Group, and they look forward to continuing this. In 2019, ranked them as one of the top ten upcoming label companies. In 2021, Trap Music Group reached a cumulative 1 billion streams, the highest since the label company was established.  

Starting the company at a young age and bringing it this far is truly an achievement for Stan. He has gained a lot of experienced and managed to work professionally with artists and their teams. This journey was only bearable due to the guidance and support Stan received from his mentors and friends in the industry.

Not being afraid to make mistakes is the advice Stan gives others. Moreover, he aspires to expand the team further and bring in more experts to ensure their clients receive high-quality work. 

The network is also set to grow as more brands are coming in, which helps them improve their position in the music industry. Tribal Music Group is looking forward to moving to a new office as the new year approaches. Stan’s resilience and focus have truly been the major reason behind the success of Tribal Music Group