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Founder of Swift Corporate Investment Marc Swift reveals exciting new campaign for giving back to the community and nurturing business growth

Swift Corporate Investment have one mission. Help struggling businesses turn themselves around and grow to success. Founder Marc Swift’s positive attitude and deep passion for giving back to charities and fellow entrepreneurs has led him to develop their new campaign, the 30-day Free Cash Flow Challenge. He tells us about the campaign and his underlying motivation of giving back to the community in order to uplift everyone together.

Hi Marc, thanks for speaking with us. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Marc Swift, I am a happy, enthusiastic person with a passion and drive to help others to succeed. I enjoy quality time with my family and enjoy healthy living on an organic plant-based diet with no dairy or meat. I start the day with affirmations, stretches & a cold shower and I enjoy cardio fitness, skiing, mountain climbing and horse riding.

I love meeting interesting people who think unconventionally or ‘out of the box’. I enjoy a healthy educated debate. Question Everything! I read and learn something new every day, listen to my business mentors and ignore naysayers.

What led you to founding your company Swift Corporate Investment?

It’s a long story! I can separate my work life into entrepreneurial and professional. I have worked in professional roles and entrepreneurially I bought and sold businesses whilst being a Business Consultant. As you can see, I have not stopped running. I was working for a disorganized, fragmented and struggling company as a Manager and I had enough as my reputation is paramount in my sectors. I wrote a detailed letter to the CEOs with all the company faults and their solutions along with my resignation letter. I got called into a private meeting, and along with their apology for all the problems, they accepted my resignation and asked me if I could externally consult for them. After that I continued business consulting for several struggling companies. In 2020 The COVID-19 recession and Brexit started to take effect on the UK businesses and that was why we decided to incorporate SCI to defend and support our fellow entrepreneurs.

Can you tell us some more about the services you provide?

Absolutely. Our main endeavors are to help struggling fellow entrepreneurs who need urgent financial assistance and need our turnaround expertise. We help clients who want business consulting or entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level and go public with an IPO, SPAC or Direct Listing. In addition, we also acquire successful debt free businesses with revenues of £1mm+.

How can you help your clients meet their business goals?

There are several ways we can help, depending on their individual circumstances. Our experience has taught us not to categorize people or a service into boxes. We listen to our clients’ business needs and we execute an action plan to achieve their business goals.

What benefits will your services provide to your clients?

There are many, depending on the individual circumstances. For example, if a client approaches us with considerable debt and cannot borrow more money and they need cash to pay their employees’ wages, we will come on board, discuss with the owner the issues they are having and find solutions for them. We will study the financials and we will complete a cash forecast and organize a turnaround growth plan. In this particular situation, we would fix the cashflow with financial engineering and company restructuring. We always achieve what we set our mission to.

Swift Corporate Investment Marc Swift

You have an exciting new campaign coming up. Can you tell us about the 30-day Free Cash Flow Challenge?

Yes, of course. I am passionate about this event and honored to be able to be in a position to provide this service for free as a non-profit giving back to the business community.

We are launching a 30-day Cash Flow Challenge to help fellow entrepreneurs that may or may not be affected by COVID-19 or Brexit. We want to help those who might be struggling and need or want additional cashflow in their business. This service is completely free and we will turn around their business in 30 days. All we ask is, once we have helped the company to grow, they give back and donate something to a charity of their own choice.

How important is giving back to the community to you?

Extremely. Being an entrepreneur is a long, hard process and it takes courage to push through all the situations that fly towards you. Our give back challenge is to help our fellow entrepreneurs to succeed. If everyone helped each other, working together in these times and always, life would be easier for everyone.

Why is now an especially important time to support charities and small businesses?

I think it is always important to support charities and small businesses and it’s not always about the Tool ‘money’. It is a great tool if used correctly but it is often squandered. Charities and small businesses need knowledge to survive and grow. There are charities for serious illnesses that don’t promote diet and healthy lifestyle and are therefore not educating the patients. You can embark on a business degree and not be taught the fundamentals of a real living and breathing business. I believe that whatever level of business you are at, reach back and support anyone who tries and who needs help.

Thank you Marc for your time!

You can follow up with Marc Swift or enrol in their 30-Day FREE Cashflow Challenge by visiting Swift Corporate Investment – at or contact them on 0203 773 8881