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Founder Of LIP™️ ‘Ladies In Power’, Lady Charlotte Armstrong On The Vitality Of Inspiration

Some professions demand an entire lifetime of dedication in order to see measures of success on the other side of it. Some grind away at a career in the arts, some focus more purely on familial pursuits, others will spend years trying to climb the ladder of a sales consultancy position – Lady Charlotte Armstrong has achieved success in all of these pursuits and more. Her eclectic portfolio is awash with crowning achievements and surmounting the insurmountable, and she’s still only warming up.

The business mogul and mother of five took some time to answer a few questions surrounding the origins of Ladies In Power, her journey through the ranks of various pursuits, and what lays on the horizon for the future of her growing empire.

Hello Charlotte, thanks for taking the time to speak with us, let’s start with what inspired you to create ‘Ladies In Power?’

Hi, I am really excited about doing this interview.

During the Pandemic home schooling two teenagers, juggling business, two younger children under 2 and pregnant with my 5th Baby I wanted to reach out to other Ladies around the Globe to find out how everyone has been coping

I felt more than ever having Positive energy and a positive mindset was more important than ever. During the Pandemic I started my Podcast LIP Ladies In Power.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Mother of 5. Businesswoman, wife balancing home life and business.

Rising up the ranks of business started of Life in Essex from a mixed raced background Black British Mother & White East End of London Father.

Actress, going back after gaining place at prestigious ID drama school in LA , California USA

LIP LIFESTYLE Mentoring Programme is super important helping women all around the world find their inner Power through Self Love and building Self Esteem.

What has been the most pressing challenge you’ve overcome?

Trauma and abuse, dealing with historic horrific events that happened to me during my early teens unlocking that trauma through EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) that was life changing for me.

You name it I have faced it many challenges have come my way, but I have managed to find my POWER and come through the other end a stronger person.

How has the pandemic changed your approach to your business & ‘LIP’ movement?

The Pandemic allowed the birth of LIP©

The world was not only going through the same feelings and emotions but opening talking about Mindset and Motivation was more accepted.

Working in the beauty industry, being a mother, sales consultant, ambassador for charity, is there any commonality or trait that you find allows you to excel in these fields?

Being able to talk to people open up has always come natural to me.

I am able to listen with genuine empathy and understanding from what I am being told.

My children have taught me patience that is something I didn’t always have.

What would you say is the most rewarding profession you’ve been a part of?

Helping other women find their power and seeing so many grow and blossom.

Travelling the world and meeting so many ladies is so rewarding to me.

Raising awareness for Abuse & Trauma unlocking the pattern and changing the stereotypes.

I hope my own journey is one that can give hope and inspiration to ladies that need some light hope. If I can turn my life around and juggle so much so can so many.

Is there an industry you haven’t broken into yet that you feel motivated towards?

I am interested in the Drink & Beverage market I now venturing into that world. I have some very exciting projects coming up in the Summer of 2022 within that industry.

Finally, what’s next for Lady Charlotte?

Real Estate projects, Global expansion of the Companies Too Glam HQ beauty line , LIP Retreats , Product Launches.

Stay tuned as I am opening the doors to behind the scenes of my day-to-day life.

This is going to allow so many to see exactly how I balanced it all.

Thank you Lady Charlotte Armstrong for your time!

You can follow up with Lady Charlotte Armstrong at or and connect via Instagram @itsladycharlotte or @officialladiesinpower