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Find out about the people behind FortuneZ’s success:

Till a few years ago people were unaware of crypto and blockchain but now everyone is crazy about it. Since 2000, FortuneZ which is one of the top global media publication houses has been bringing things into the sight of people who are really interested in crypto and blockchain. The organisation primarily sources information on topics ranging from iGaming, Binance, BitCoin cryptocurrency, DeFi or Decentralized Finance, Ethereum, Non-Fungible Token and many more. FortuneZ’s team consists of some of the most top and experts in their field to operate it and take it to the high position where it stands today. All the credit goes to the four pillars of FortuneZ

Herbert R Sim, the man known as “The Bitcoin Man”, who is the chairman and the advisor of FortuneZ, is also the founder of the crypto chain university, which was established in the year 2010. He acquired FortuneZ in the year 2019 completely apart from this and is also the investor in FortuneZ. Under his leadership, FortuneZ has reached great heights and is considered to be among the top media houses. 

The next individual whose contribution must be mentioned is the CEO of FortuneZ Maria Khramtsova. She is also one of the global leaders in the technology transfer industry and besides being the CEO of FortunZ, works as the lead researcher at the world’s first repository for blockchain and cryptocurrency research papers under the crypto chain university. Maria Khramtsova has acquired a master degree in law from Moscow university of industry and finance. She is the mentor and advisor of FortuneZ and is very passionate about it. 

Since FortuneZ calls it a media publication forum, it must pay attention to the kind of content it puts out. FortuneZ has one of the best editors and content leaders working for them- her name is Miss Nadiia Osmokesku, who holds a master degree in journalism. Osmokesku says that all the writers are passionate about delivering the latest news from the gaming and financial markets. During the pandemic, the rate of gaming post has skyrocketed and this has also led FortuneZ to focus more on gaming and providing more information for gaming enthusiasts.

Last but not the least, we must introduce Francine Jansen who is the chief operating officer of FortuneZ and has more than 10 years of experience in the industry of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Jansen has also acquired a master degree in sustainability studies and has a bachelor degree in law. 

With these 4 pillars of wisdom and guidance, it is impossible for FortuneZ to do badly, especially when they are working hand in hand. To find out more, follow them on their website: