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Financial Management And Wellness: The Importance Of Health And Money Management

Peter Disch, founder and Managing Member of Great Point Wealth Advisors LLC, explains the importance of a trusting relationship between clients that amplifies their health and wellness in financial management.

Understanding the ins and outs of finance can be a confusing area to navigate on your own—and finding aid to ease some of that stress can be even harder. Feelings of doubt and uncertainty can skyrocket the further someone ventures down this path, though all of that can be avoided with the right person to help you out.

That’s where Peter Disch comes in. The founder of Great Point Wealth Advisors LLC has a main goal of helping clients achieve a state in which they find peace with their financial planning. 

Hailing from Boston, Disch has over 20 years of experience in the realm of finance and has used this experience to shift his career from designing integrated solutions at an investment firm to his own practice of working closely with clients on their own investment management skills. 

With years under his belt, Disch knows more than just a thing or two about financial planning and stresses the importance of the relationship between health, wellness, and financial decisions. 

Disch believes the beginning of health and wellness management comes from simplicity

Overcomplicating wealth management is often a staple of financial advisors who want to make themselves appear more valuable. However, Disch believes that by attempting to remove as many complications as possible—and keeping the process simple, this ultimately removes the doubt in clients. 

In Layman’s terms, he removes the bulk of what makes finance stressful and only focuses on the factors that matter within personal finance. “Our whole thing is always about trying to give our clients confidence,” he shares. “We don’t want them to have a lot of questions, and we don’t want them to be doubting different things. We want them to feel totally comfortable with our process and what we are doing.”

Meanwhile, the wellness aspect of finance is carried out by having a well-thought-out financial plan. Due to the surplus of information pertaining to this, being able to decipher which information is helpful and which is harmful can cause unnecessary stress. Disch states that his goal is to help people feel confident with their money and eliminate the extra stress that could arise. 

“There’s just so much misinformation circulating out there around personal finance. Enough that it creates a lot of doubt in people, and doubt leads to anxiety. Anxiety is a catalyst to bad decisions,” Disch explains. “I believe that if we are able to help people feel confident in their money and their financial plans, that it’ll translate positively into every other aspect of their life—including their mental health and their wellness.”

With regards to achieving a healthy relationship with wellness and finance, Disch believes the most important way to combat any anxiety that could lead to potentially undesirable decision-making is through the power of education

Disch credits this skill set to his passion for learning. 

He states that educating his clients with his services is crucial in maintaining not only a healthy relationship between the client and himself but also where they choose to put their money. “I was a finance major in college, so I channel that by taking a little bit of a classroom approach to the education that I give to my clients. The process of education I go through with them is to help them understand why we are doing what we’re doing for them right now in order for them to gain confidence in their financial decisions.”

Though education and trust go hand-in-hand with wellness, he claims that it is a significant component of being able to be secure in the partnership. Establishing trust through this notion minimizes anxiety and mistrust surrounding financial investment. 

“Clients know that we are the biggest advocates for them. They know that if I recommend something to them, it’s only because I think it’s in their best interest. It’s not because I’m getting some kind of commission or something beneficial from it—-my sole purpose is to ease them of any doubts and to trust me,” he explains. 

“I’m truly your fiduciary—which means that I hold your interests higher than my own. I think that is so critical to this process.”

“I always say I have hundreds of different bosses,” Disch continues. “Actions always have to line up with what being a fiduciary is, but that part is natural for me.” 

Financial stress affects everybody, no matter the reason. To find out more information about Great Point Wealth Advisors LLC and how you can find a healthy way of wealth management, visit