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Exuding sheer brilliance, talent, skills, and expertise is a true-blue professional, Jimmy Lemieux.

Catering to an elite list of clienteles, Jimmy Lemieux’s strategies and ideas have revolutionized the real estate and social media world.

The success journey of some individuals has been remarkable. Their talent and skills have taken the industries to another level globally. These individuals have not just grown themselves but the industry as well. The determination, hard work, consistency and passion for their work is an asset of their success journey and most importantly the amazing collaboration of domains and youth skills is stupendous. Setting one such perfect example Jimmy Lemieux a social media expert and king of real estate world. His knowledge and pro sales marketing strategies have created much buzz in his working criteria and in clients.

HE was always inclined towards setting his own successful business from childhood. He took his dream seriously and started his journey at a very young age. He worked in the field of hotel, bars and restation. Worked as a promoter and director and many more. Gradually he became one of the most in-demand event organizers in Greater Montreal. He established his own company in 2004 named – A2Z Productions. The grand success of his company took him in the path of Real Estate. As his mastery in social media, sales, expertise of market strategies, public relation in facts his huge friend circle took him to the real estate world.

It has been 5 years today he is in Real Estate industries. In the year 2017 he started his journey and today he has reached $1million in NET Commission just in the span of 5 years. As for him his client come at first priority, and he always work with an aim to meet their desired needs. His service and pro-found knowledge and skills has always made his massive clients happy and satisfied and has also dedicated his efforts in efficient growth of real estate industries across the globe. He has worked in the biggest venues, from Ocean Drive in Saint-Eustache to the Bal en Blanc at the bell center through several years at New City Gas, Moomba in Laval, Opera in Montreal, Millenium, La Folie, House Nightclub, he has met the biggest stars and as worked which created a huge circle of clients in his real estate success.

Though his journey was not a cake walk but his courage and skills made it impossible to possible incredibly! He has also faced several failures in his career but never lost hope, but he always bounced back more effectively.