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Expert Brauch Owens on Reputation Management

Social media is the place for hot opportunities with the potential for every brand to skyrocket their sales by getting customers’ attention. Businesses can maximize their reach to generate more leads by engaging with people on social media. Just like brands, celebrities also rely on social media platforms to keep their popularity alive. They use social media platforms to connect with their fans and maintain a close relationship with them. However, the downside of social media is, it can make or break a person with the same speed. A small negative comment or an aggressive argument can completely ruin the reputation of a celebrity in a matter of hours. This is where people like Brauch steps in to help them. 

Brauch is a social media expert who has been offering reputation management services to big names in the television, music, and sports industry. He has also helped rising entrepreneurs build a positive momentum in the arena of social media. He keeps track of all the happenings in the social media platforms for his clients to ensure they always stay in the public eye. Whenever there is a hint of negativity anywhere about them on their social media account, he quickly acts to neutralize it before it goes viral or grabs public attention. 

Brauch is a 19-year-old entrepreneur who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Thanks to his obsession with social media, he learned some cool tricks to change perception on social media and shape it into reality. He has years of experience working as a reputation manager for big brands and celebrities. Businesses have benefited immensely from his skills and knowledge that he works on obsessively. Brauch himself has gained 100,000 followers on his Instagram account alone.

It’s been effortless for him to gain this following brxuch with just 15 posts. It may seem like magic but Brauch knows the tricks that helps him to dominate on social media and gain attention to whichever direction he desires.

Travis Scott has walked the same path to set social media on fire. Travis Scott is an American rapper, songwriter, singer, and record producer. He is popular for his fusion rap style that is a combination of traditional rap with lo-fi, ambient, and hip-hop. This 29-year-old rapper is a sensation on social media with 37.8 million followers on his Instagram account by the name of la flame (@travisscott). He keeps his followers hooked with his creative music and engaging posts. Travis Scott has discovered the secret trend of future Rap and knows exactly how to use it to gain more followers. Brauch was seen invited backstage to Travis Scott’s concert in Atlanta with a “Guest Pass”, a ticket only given to the friends and families of the artist.

Rap has evolved from just a genre of music to a whole new culture that is engaging music lovers. Modern rap is an amalgamation of several genres of music combined with lyrics that touch the heart of the listeners. The combination of Rap style with the beats of hip-hop is driving the next big movement in music right now. 

Social media is a tool that can make or break a brands or a celeb’s reputation. It’s all about how tactfully one can use it to engage followers. People like Brauch have paved the way to many who can now follow his path to accomplish their goals.