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Evoque is Changing the Game With Its Incredible Range – Exclusive

Evoque is the brainchild of Richard Colon, a powersports enthusiast and entrepreneur with a mission in his mind. He’s been in the powersports game for a long time and has used the terrains of Canada as his playground since he was a young boy, it was a passion he felt responsible to pass on to as many people as possible.

It wasn’t until he was a little older that he realised the intense pricing curve that powersports tend to have on the wallet. ATV’s, dirt bikes and scooters were unaffordable for many of his compatriots, this was an issue that he was determined to tackle.

Evoque was born in the year 2010 and has been on the slow yet steady rise since the very first sale went out the doors.

The Mission

Richard and the team at Evoque went out with a mission in mind. Their aim was simply to bring the highest quality products at an affordable price to as many passionate powersports enthusiasts as possible.

Perhaps it was a callback to his own childhood, Evoque has a particular penchant for the familial market, hoping to be the introduction for any family on any budget who have a determined passion for powersports or motorsports.

Quality and research have always been the focus for the burgeoning and passionate company.

The Products

In their already impressive range, Evoque has consistently outdone themselves in their pursuit for the most affordable and stylish additions to the motocross game. Their range of Dirt Bikes are especially enticing due to the excessive research and development that has gone into the various iterations that have come and gone, the VQ-150R is one of those impressive beasts.

Their range is not so much large, as it is developed and trained. Their prices are not just affordable for the sake of it. They contain some of the most innovative designs that can be found from an independent supplier in Canada, while maintaining a slick and safe experience for even the newest of riders.

Then there are the always entertaining ATVs. They contain all the bells and whistles of a traditional ATVs, complete with high-powered engines, comfortable seats, reinforced steel frame as well as extra caveats like dual-exhausts and a remote start/alarm system. All for a fraction of the next competitor in terms of price.

The Difference

Competitors have similar looking and sounding vehicles and parts available of course, but at exorbitantly higher prices, all for the pursuit of a higher profit it would seem. Evoque is changing the game in more ways than one.

Over time they have developed a keen and noble understanding on the power of feedback, progressively becoming a stronger company as a result. Since their very first customer, they’ve been on the drawing board and developing and redeveloping their ideas with their mission planted firmly in their motivations.

They haven’t lost their way it would seem, funneling a large degree of whatever profits they do receive straight back into R&D.

Yes, Evoque is changing the game in so many ways. Not only in terms of traditional means like price or build. It’s in the mission, the why of it all. Bringing people together in powersports is a labour of love, a dedication of passion, and one that is taking off in all the right ways. Too often there isn’t anyone looking out for the lower echelons, the ones who have the dream but not always the finances to back it up.

Richard Colon and Evoque are here to bring the magic of powersports affordably to a new generation.