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Everything you need to know about the medical marijuana business with Barry Goodknight

We wanted to know more about the medical marijuana industry and business within it, so we sat down with Oklahoma Crippy medical marijuana business owner Barry Goodknight to find out more about this booming industry.

Hi, Barry!

How did you get into the medical marijuana business?

I was growing MMJ in Colorado for personal use.  I obtained a medical marijuana extended plant count for my non-cancerous brain tumor, which allowed me to grow 99 plants at home.

What did you do before this industry? Was it easy to transition into medical marijuana?

I’ve had such a wide-range of jobs in my life. I’ve had construction and manual labor type jobs all the way up to white-collar corporate jobs. You learn different skills from each. From the construction and labor jobs, you learn skills that help you repair or build things at the grow site. Corporate and white-collar job experience helps when it comes to doing my taxes, sales, licensing and even bookkeeping.

Do you think the demand for medical Marijuana has increased over the past few years?

I do, and with recreational becoming more accepted across the country, the demand is going to skyrocket. You’d be surprised how many people who live in medical states buy and consume black-market product for no other reason other than they don’t want to go through the medical card process.

A good example of this is Colorado Springs, Colorado. When I lived there and growing out of my basement I was selling to people because there is no recreational sales allowed in the city. So rather than take the time and effort to obtain a medical card, people would rather buy black-market products. So, I think recreational is the real game-changer, medical still leaves a lot on the table in terms of demand.

Do you believe medical Marijuana works better than many other forms of medication?

I’m not really qualified to say one way or the other. For me personally, I combine my traditional medication with MMJ and it works for me. I think it’s pretty well understood how powerful MMJ is for cancer patients, AIDs patients, and even people who suffer from things like chronic seizures.

Do you expect the medical Marijuana industry to grow much more in the coming years?

Yes. As mentioned above, as more states legalize recreational use, the sales and demand volume is going to see exceptional growth.

What are the different types of medical Marijuana available on the market right now, which ones are popular?

Well you have products like pre-roll joints and buds which have been around forever and aren’t going anywhere. Then you have what I would consider “gimmicky” versions of traditional products. For example, “caviar” buds which are buds that are rolled in THC oil then powdered with kief. They also do this process on pre-roll joints. And while these products do sell, they are most popular with newer license holders.

The products that seem to gain and lose popularity the most are the concentrate products like rosin and shatter. There are so many types of concentrates and they really seem to gain and lose popularity almost weekly.

Vape pens are pretty huge right now and seem to be holding steady for the past few years. I think their popularity stems from the ease of use. The only way to consume MMJ easier than a vape pen is an edible. Me personally, I’m not fond of vape pens as I feel the high they give is different than the high you get from flower or edibles.

Do you grow your own medical Marijuana? Tell us about this process.

Ironically enough, I am not permitted to use or grow MMJ in the state of Oklahoma for my personal use. I need to go get my medical card but have been so busy with the move and the business I haven’t had time yet. I’m definitely going to grab a medical card soon though so I can grow my own for personal use.

Thanks for sitting down with us today Barry.
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