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Everything you need to know about Lifestyle 360, the wellness center

Lifestyle 360 is a wellness center started by Dr Roger Olade, a physician who is passionate about keeping his patients healthy in order to prevent future illnesses. It is well known that intentional acts of staying healthy is the best way to prevent health issues in the future, and Roger Olade is a big advocate for spreading this message.

Working as a emergency room physician, he noticed that a lot of problems that his patients had could come back to leading an unhealthy lifestyle.  Passionate about wellness himself, he set out to start up Lifestyle 360, a center which combines all the tools available to assist clients to achieve total health.

The mantra at Lifestyle 360 is to offer a complete package of health support for the members, which includes comprehensive evaluation, exercise testing, group training, personal training, nutrition counseling, stress management and other forms of support to achieve expected results.

This all in one philosophy is something that is new, and it creates a center that provides convenience, accessibility and unprecedented support that has not been seen before.

Being able to work with physicians, fitness specialist and nutritionists while building a personalized plan is what Lifestyle 360 is all about. The convenience of having access to all that is required to improve health is what is most appealing. Often you will have to make multiple appointments and several trips just to get this done.

Lifestyle 360 is a great place to be for all health support and overall wellness needs, visit Lifestyle 360 here: