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Eva from Bolenvi talks about designer jewelry and its power for self-expression

Bolenvi specializes in the manufacture and marketing of hand-finished luxury designer jewelry that is fashioned from the highest quality components. Founded in 2011 and based in the world’s capital of fashion, New York, Bolenvi has a strong reputation for excellence around the world.

The founder of Bolenvi, Eva, answered some questions about the business.

Eva, when did you start Bolenvi and what was the primary motivation?

The idea was originally founded in 2011 as a small family business boutique that sold to customers around the nation. It was quickly recognized for its one of a kind custom designs and unique hand-crafted pieces. This led to the companies staggering growth over the years and the company was redesigned to Bolenvi in 2019.

I wanted to build a brand that inspires people to be fierce, bold, and celebrates individuality. I didn’t want to just sell a product, I wanted to establish a brand that helps people love their unique selves and make a statement. That is why I created Bolenvi. Centered on envisioning your bold side, I launched this brand to inspire and motivate people to express their unique selves. To be bold, be proud, and be you.

Today Bolenvi is a registered corporation and protected trademark that sells thousands of custom pieces to customers worldwide.

What qualities do you look for in the perfect piece of jewelry?

I personally look for detail and quality. Unlike many other popular brands in the market, our products are hand designed with great detail and only made from the highest quality material. We ensure that they won’t change color or irritate your skin because it is important to us that our customers feel confident in their investment.

Which products are the most popular at your store?

Currently our most popular products are our charm beads made of genuine sterling silver. It’s important for us to provide a diverse collection for our diverse audience. That is why we have hundreds of styles to choose from.

Many of our customers also purchase our charm bracelets as gifts, but some have a hard time figuring out the correct size to purchase for their loved one. That is why we created the Bolenvi Adjustable Snake Chain Charm Bracelet. It is completely adjustable to various sizes and has been a major hit in our collection. The bracelet comes in Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold, and Rose Gold.

What about your engagement rings, what people have to look at when choosing the rings?

People often look for the “brilliance” of the stone, which refers to a stone’s ability to reflect white light. It is a good measure for how much a diamond will ‘sparkle’. They also look for something as unique as their loved one at a reasonable price range. We allow custom designs and can work directly with our customers to create any style their heart desires. We also offer several of our own unique styles, which are all customizable as well.

We are also very popular for moissanite gemstones, often described as the “meteor diamond”. For those looking for a more budget friendly and eco-conscious gemstone, moissanite is the perfect choice. Compared to natural gemstones, lab created moissanites have a smaller carbon footprint and result in less environmental impact. Moissanite reflects light very well and is actually more brilliant than a diamond! In addition, moissanite has a higher dispersion than a diamond. So, in addition to your moissanite giving off more white sparkle, it will actually reflect more colored sparkle (known as its “fire”).

Can people order your jewelry from abroad?

Yes! We ship worldwide and offer free shipping for all orders over $50. Delivery depends on your location and we have several shipping options available.

What was the last bit of advice you gave to a customer about jewelry?

Jewelry is not just a fashion statement, it’s self-expression. When choosing the perfect piece, choose something that speaks to your soul.

Thank you Eva for your time!
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