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Entrepreneur Rodolfo Medina Jr talks about his passion for providing affordable medical supplies to the people of the Philippines

Rodolfo Medina Jr, known by his friends as JR, has found great success in both his medical supplies business Medical Depot and his hotel business Jardin Oriental Suites. Rodolfo Medina Jr is currently the CEO of  Medical Depot and Jardin Oriental Suites.

With an aptitude for leadership and a passion for providing excellent customer service in each and every one of his business endeavors, his companies continue to grow rapidly and change the lives of the people who use his services.

Hi Rodolfo, can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

Thank you for having me here. I’m Rodolfo Medina Jr, but you can call me JR, and I am a young entrepreneur from Manila, Philippines.

I came from a business-oriented family and my parents raised me to be a responsible person. At the age of 8 I was already helping my parents run some small errands like telefaxing and some cashier work. My parents also inspired me to have my own business so when I turned 18, I founded my own medical supplies business with a vision of extending affordable products to consumers in the Philippines. I came to realize that there is a scarcity of medical supplies in the Philippines when it comes to quality and affordable costs. I can say that I sacrificed my youth in exchange for being an entrepreneur. I am also engaged in a hotel business which I established in 5 strategic locations.

Can you tell us about your company Medical Depot and how it was developed?

Medical Depot is an affiliate of a company that was established back in 1991. With just three sales personnel pioneer operations, it was able to boost its sales performance so that the distribution of supplies scaled to a majority of clients ranging from medical students to surgeons, from patients to medical practitioners. In a short period of time, the company was able to set up a prestigious image in the medical industry. Medical Depot aims to provide durable and sturdy medical products to our customers. For delivering world-class affordable medical service and supplies with 3,500 SKU’s, Medical Depot has become a one stop medical shop that every Filipino deserves. Medical Depot is located at the heart of the Philippines’s medical retailing called “Bambang”. Bambang is the avenue of medical supplies in Manila. It is the place where the company was founded by men with entrepreneurial expertise in the medical field. As they have indisputable reputation, it was an ideal move to venture to a depot that could cater to diverse medical areas. The advancement of technology also allowed for Medical Depot to expand into new channels. Adapting to the social media advantage, the company has sought further grounds in marketing. Its projected sales are aimed to further exceed our targets.

What kind of products do you sell?

Medical Depot carries products such as medical devices, hospital equipment, laboratory supplies, dental supplies, rescue equipment and pharmaceutical products.

What made you interested in selling medical supplies and equipment?

With the scarcity of medical supplies in the Philippines, we were prompted to set-up a “one stop shop” medical supplies business. There are many mom and pop stores for pharmaceutical products but not for medical supplies that are equally as in demand. Also, since it’s an essential industry, the medical field is a crisis proof-business. This pandemic created higher demand for medical supplies which is why we need to expand and explore this industry and give fellow Filipino people the opportunity to buy affordable and effective medical products.

How important are these products for your clients and the people they serve?

The medical industry is an important business in any society since it deals with health and nutrition. The use of medical devices is an increasingly important element of a healthcare professional’s role. It is crucial that users receive regular teaching and education to ensure that they are competent in the use of devices. This is particularly relevant in the increasingly litigious society in which we live. The healthcare industry, whether labs, clinics or hospitals, use a vast variety of specialized equipment, devices, and medications to serve patients better. If you don’t keep track of your equipment, it can result in your staff spending a lot of time looking for it. This involves putting your patient’s life at stake just because medical equipment you have could not be traced at the point of need. When hospitals have to continuously deal with increased patient demands, understaffing and rising costs, effective equipment management eventually becomes vital. The hospital should be able to provide quality care to its patients. Patients should be able to get treatment and care without developing infections like post-operative hemorrhages, pulmonary embolisms, respiratory failure or reaction to transfusions.

Why is it important to keep costs low for these products?

Patients are likely to avoid care because of the difficulty of paying for their treatments. Patients who prolong emergency department visits in the wake of nagging health concerns can considerably damage their health in the long run. Patients experiencing chest pains may write their symptoms off as indigestion, when in reality they may be having a cardiac issue. Without early intervention at the first sign of symptoms, patients can see an underlying condition worsen. As an entrepreneur in the medical industry, it greatly concerns me that people are waiting until their medical conditions deteriorate to seek emergency care. This can have lifelong consequences.

Can you tell us about your other business Jardin Oriental Suites and how it was founded?

Jardin Oriental Suites was taken from my nickname, Junior. My wife thought of JR, which stands for Junior, as the name of the hotel. She added the letter “a” between J and R. From the word JaR, “din” was added to form the Spanish word “Jardin” which means garden in English. Jardin Oriental Suites was then conceived. Since Jardin means garden, the design concept of the hotel depicts a hanging garden in an architectural structure. Jardin Oriental Suites was established at the financial center of the Philippines, Makati. With God’s grace, it quickly evolved into five hotels located at different areas of Metro Manila. All five hotels are booked through RedDoorz and other known sites on the web.

Jardin Oriental Suites boasts its location in close proximity to the airport, malls, parks and restaurants. Guests of Jardin Oriental Suites become loyal customers the moment they experience the comfort and easy logistics from point to point. They like our business as time is saved from long travel and traffic.

What do you offer at Jardin Oriental Suites?

The hotel rooms feature cable television and Wi-Fi. There is a toilet and a bath and a hot and cold shower with toiletries. The elegant draperies match the pillows and beddings with a shade of red and white.

Jardin Oriental Suites offers three types of rooms. They are the Twin Room which has two separate single beds, the Double or Couple’s Room which has one bed for 2 people and the Family Room which has one king size bed for two people and one single bed.

Each floor has a different color scheme which varies between yellow, orange and green. Although lower floors have windows, from higher rooms the view is incredible. You can see the cloudless day with charming blue sky and admire the plethora of neon lights of nearby buildings from dusk till dawn.

Thank you Rodolfo for your time!
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