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Jonathan Jadali

Entrepreneur Jonathan Jadali knows the importance of making an impression

First impressions are everything in today’s world. With so many competing options in professional spaces, failing to get the right kind of exposure from the start can sink your aspirations and make clawing your way back into the market a much more difficult task.

Someone who understands this better than most is entrepreneur Jonathan Jadali, CEO of PR firm Ascend Agency. Jonathan Jadali has had a variety of past success in the world of business and has made over $1 million trading bitcoin since 2018.

Jonathan Jadali

Speaking to us about his latest foray in business, Jonathan said:

“With Ascend Agency, I’m pursuing a long-held passion of mine for public relations and the work entailed in bringing exposure to a brand or company, and it’s something I love to do when I wake up every morning,”

Jonathan adds that:

“At Ascend Agency, our work is focused on helping Fortune 500 companies with PR, and they come to us because we deliver the best quality service at the best price. We understand the importance of making an impression when promoting any brand, as well as the importance, internally, of showing our clients we truly care about them,”

Even with his past entrepreneurial success, starting his own PR firm was not a walk in the park. There are several significant obstacles that any type of consultancy firm needs to overcome in the initial stages, and on this point, Jonathan says:

“The beginning was certainly very tough for the firm and me personally, since encouraging established companies to work with you for their PR is tough when your own PR as a firm is in its infancy. Of course, this is where Ascend needed to make outstanding first impressions with our prospects,”

Regarding his personal motivation as CEO, Jonathan said:

“When things get tough, I need to make sure that I don’t lose faith in the bigger picture and ensure that I push forward through the adversity. I knew that I could not give up and that I needed to persevere to make my vision a reality,”

With so many other established PR firms to compete with, Jonathan knew that he needed to make Ascend Agency stand out. As proof of the firm’s ability to promote and leverage brand authority, Ascend Agency offers clients featured article placements on websites like Entrepreneur, LA Times, USA Today, VOGUE, and more.

Jonathan explained this:

We knew that new clients were looking for a direct impact in their PR, and so we endeavored to provide guaranteed article placements on leading web publications,”

He added that:

just seeing those logos and the affordability of having their brand promoted on those platforms was enough for many of our prospects to engage with us“.

Jonathan Jadali

From this, it’s clear that Jonathan has a keen understanding of the powerful first impression that brand logos can have. As such, there’s no doubt that his understanding has been instrumental in helping Ascend Agency attract clients as well as prove to them that they know their stuff when it comes to PR.