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Entrepreneur Jason Kulpa Explains Why You Need a Solution-Based Mindset

There’s no way to prevent challenges, but there is a healthy and effective way you can focus on solutions. As entrepreneur Jason Kulpa explains, dwelling on your problems and setbacks only hurts your progress.

But many of us do just that. We dwell on the past when we face challenges rather than turn our attention to solutions. By changing your outlook to a solution-based mindset, you can get a head start on necessary fixes so you can overcome all challenges you face.

Here are some ways that you can begin the solution-finding process.

Accept That You Don’t Know It All

Many of us like to think we have all the answers. We know why things are the way they are, why problems happened, and what to do to fix them. But unfortunately, this mindset typically only leads to the same cycle happening repeatedly.

Changing to a solution-based mindset involves doing away with this line of thinking. Instead, you must ask tough questions of yourself and others, work with others directly and learn as much as you can from experts in the field.

When you embrace the mentality that humans are constantly learning, you’ll be focused more on the future than on the past.

Be Hopeful

It’s easy to feel helpless when facing challenges. You may feel all alone, which can lead to feeling powerless to make a meaningful difference. This mindset can often happen if you focus on problems.

When you focus on solutions, though, your mindset will naturally shift to one of hopefulness. Taking an active and engaged role in creating solutions helps to empower you. It makes you feel that you’ve contributed something meaningful to whatever you’re trying to solve.

It also trains you to be open to change and more than willing to do whatever it takes to make that change happen.

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

Some people are so afraid to fail that they never try anything new. When you’re trying to solve a problem or overcome a challenge, this is detrimental to your chances of succeeding.

Overcoming challenges sometimes requires out-of-the-box thinking, including doing something you’ve never done before. However, it’ll be hard to adopt that necessary mentality if you’re too afraid to fail.

One way to start becoming comfortable with failure is to use a different word. Instead of calling it a failure, call it a bump in the road. Call it a stumble. Call it whatever you want.

Little “failures” are a part of many aspects of life, including learning and overcoming challenges. If you aren’t comfortable with the fact that failures will undoubtedly happen, it’ll be hard to focus on new solutions.

Step Back at Times

Some people constantly push forward as a way to focus on solutions. They believe that if they keep trying and working hard, they can drown out their inclination to focus on the problem so they can see the solution.

But, as Jason Kulpa explains, there are times when you need to stop, take a breath, and step away.

You don’t always need to be in constant action to find solutions. Sometimes, you need to step away and give your brain a break. Do a different activity, enjoy one of your hobbies, and rest. Then, come back to the problem and see if you come up with any new approaches to solving it.

Stepping away from the problem doesn’t mean you’ve lost your focus on the solution. It means you’re giving it a break while you refresh and recharge.

About Jason Kulpa

Jason Kulpa is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of, San Diego’s Fastest Growing Business multi-year award winner, and a Certified Great Place to Work multi-year winner. Mr. Kulpa is a San Diego’s two-time winner of the Most Admired CEO Award of the San Diego Business Journal and also a semi-finalist for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur award. Under Mr. Kulpa’s leadership, in 2018, his teams volunteered at over 24 events and worked side-by-side to improve the San Diego community. They hosted a gala dinner benefiting individuals with autism, cheered on Special Olympic athletes as they broke their records on the track, and brought school supplies and cold-weather gear to students impacted by homelessness. Jason’s mission is to bring awareness, support, and inclusion for special needs causes.