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Entrepreneur Arvin Niknia discusses his unique fashion brand and why it appeals to young people

As the founder of one of the most exciting new fashion brands on the market, Arvin Niknia knows a thing or two about creating unique and stylish accessories. His online store Maximum4You, also known as MX4U, sells a range of fashionable products from fitness clothing to handmade wooden watches. His original and determined approach to creating a high-quality brand that appeals to young people and helps them stand out from the crowd is what has made his brand so successful and intriguing.

Hi Arvin, can you start by telling us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Arvin Niknia. I was born in Tehran in 1983. At the age of 12 I moved to Denmark with my mother. After high school, like most young people, I had a dream of becoming a businessman and wearing nice suits. I went to an academy where I studied trade and finance. I got my start as an entrepreneur in 2010 when I started a dating site called To differentiate myself from others, I decided to build the site on the idea of making agreements with restaurants so that singles who matched could meet safely and get to know each other better. I started my clothing company in 2019. I designed the MX4U logo online myself.

Can you tell us what inspired you to start your company Maximum4You?

I have a love for fitness and bodybuilding and I have spent many hours on bodybuilding. I was well aware that young people have become more interested in pursuing a healthier lifestyle and want to look good. I chose the word maximum in the same way I chose the word smart for my dating site, to appeal to and better reach my target audience. The young people want to look smart and reach the maximum. I sell smart fitness clothes and watches made of wood to differentiate myself from others. The price corresponds to the quality. In designing my logo MX4U, I again did this in a way that tried to appeal to a larger audience.

What kind of products do you sell?

I sell almost all fitness accessories from clothes to protein powder. On top of this I sell handmade wooden watches that the young people also like. I sell everything from wallets to watches, tank tops, summer clothes and winter clothes. My range includes all sorts of colorful and smart fashion accessories. The things I sell are not easily found in a supermarket or a clothing store. I have chosen to focus on being unique and at the same time ensure that I provide the highest quality products.

What is unique about your products?

What is most unique about my store is that you can buy a high-quality fashion product at a reasonable price. Also, the MX4U logo does not exist anywhere else. The logo I have put on the clothes, tank tops and other products is 100% unique. The MX4U logo is designed for the shop’s family. I have chosen this logo specifically to cater to anyone who wants to join our family. My other products that I sell are mostly designed for young people as they are the ones that shop mostly on the internet and are the ones we need to focus on.

Your shop specializes in handmade wood products. Why do you think wood is such a popular material for accessories?

What people choose to buy obviously depends on their taste, but the handmade wooden accessories I sell are popular because they allow people to differ from others. The color is a versatile color that suits almost any style while ensuring that you look unique and distinct. The young people want to look different and what I sell is not something you often come across in other stores. Some other types of watches can cause redness or irritation and can be uncomfortable if you are not used to wearing them. Your wrist will not be bothered in this way when choosing our products.

Can you also tell us a bit about the style of clothing your shop sells?

I sell fashion accessories. People today want to differentiate themselves from others. People have become more health conscious and more and more people are using Instagram and social media to post videos and pictures where they want to show off that they look healthier, smarter and nicer than others. For people that want to lose weight, I sell pills and protein powder. For people that want to show off their muscles, I sell tank tops. People want to get be unique which is why I sell handmade wooden accessories. I make sure to only sell quality products that I would use myself. My background helps me to choose these specific products.

Which product would you say is your most popular? Why do you think that is?

Sport tank tops and pills are most in demand. People want to look good and like to spend hours online finding a good tank top or the right pills. I remember one day I saw a guy at the gym wearing a tank top that I liked so I went and asked him where he had bought it from. Not everyone knows about the best websites therefore they talk to each other to get ideas. I think price is secondary in European countries. People go more for what they think looks the best.

Where do your products ship to?

I mostly ship to European countries because it is easier as I myself live in Europe and Europe is a union now which makes shipping cheaper. However, I am happy to ship to other countries if I can get the costs covered. Everything appears on our website if you want to find out more.