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Emerging star Emanuel Volland chats about his exciting new single and what the future holds for his music career

Emanuel Volland, known in the music world as Jayev, is one of Germany’s most exciting new artists. He has a deep passion for music and a talent for producing songs so it’s no doubt that he has a bright future ahead of him.

With a new single out and plenty more on the way, Emanuel talks about his inspirations and what his journey in the music industry has been like so far.

Emnauel Volland - Der Anmut

Hi Emanuel, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My full name is Emanuel Volland and I am new artist from Germany. A long time ago, however, I decided my artist’s name would be Jayev. I’ve always been very passionate about human nature, which is why I decided to become an expert in influencer marketing. Since I was a young model, actor and hobby singer I wanted to find out how many people I could influence by setting a good example. I wanted everyone to know my music, and I achieved that goal – nowadays, my art and photos are famous in Germany. I’ve had a lot of roles in small series, but being an actor is not for me. I stopped doing that and focused on my work.

How long have you been playing music?

Ever since I was a little kid. I loved instruments and all music genres. My goal was to produce my thoughts in music. I couldn’t sing properly for a long time so this was only a hobby. I practiced a lot and tried a range of songs. Eventually I found my own style and it worked so I started to love singing.

How would you describe the music you make?

It’s music for young and old. All genres. I would describe my music as RnB, friendly hip-hop.

Congratulations on the release of your new single! Can you tell us about what the process was like when making the song?

Many thanks! The song was produced in 2018 and was ready to go but I had a lot of work to do with my company so I didn’t find time to publish it. In 2021 I found a music label that wanted to release my song on Spotify, amazon and all other platforms. Because of COVID-19 I had some time to do this because I was working from home.

Emnauel Volland - The sun is back

What has the response been from your fans?

I don’t have any fans yet. Rather a large community that I got through TV and modeling. But the reaction was very positive and that encouraged me to continue publishing songs in the future. A new song will be out this month.

What inspires your music the most?

I can’t say exactly when music started to inspire me – as early as I can remember, seeking out new songs has connected with me in a way few other activities have. The more music I listened to, the more I wished I could express myself in the same way.

But making anything myself always seemed so impossible. What, me? Write a song? It’s so complicated, so many interlocking parts you need to get right – I’d never be able to do that myself.

But one day, I wanted to tell my life story and wrote my first song (My Life Story). I started putting down notes and an hour later, I had 60 seconds of music. Although it was certainly not the best 60 seconds you’ve ever heard, it got me hooked.

What is it like working in the music industry?

There are good times and bad, fun times and boring ones – like any other industry, I guess. I have been in the industry in various roles – as a viewer, listener and artist. For the most part, it’s been great fun. It’s probably got to do with the fact that I love music. So when work is being able to speak with some of the musicians you’ve grown up listening to, being able to listen to music all day, or being able to go to concerts, I don’t complain too much 🙂

What does the future hold for you? Can we expect more music soon?

Yeah sure! I’m currently working on three new songs. I will also be producing a music video for a song. It’s not easy because of COVID-19 but I will do my best. I want to be up to date for my fans and my community.

Emnauel Volland

Thank you Emanuel for your time!
You can connect with Emanuel Volland via IG @jayev, Spotify here or via YouTube.