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How Entrepreneur Elmedin Ademi Brought His Construction Business To The Forefront Of The Industry

Elmedin Ademi is a notable figure in the construction industry across Eastern Europe due to his ability to transport his construction company to the top ranks of the field. The 33 year old entrepreneur has led Eurovia for some time now, and has managed to spread its projects and work across many countries in the region including Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia. Elmedin believes his rapid growth comes from his determination to take projects in regions which others normally wouldn’t.

“A lot of clients in these countries are not serviced as well as they should be because they are in places where other people don’t want to work … We will probably make a lot of money in the future from countries where people are reluctant to do business”. By finding this gap in the market and spearheading his operations there, he was able to fill the hole and find incredible growth consequently. He added “There’s always a factor of risk when you work in North Macedonia, and you have to price in this risk factor,” he says. “There are financial and safety risks in lots of these countries … [but] if you find the correct local partners and you are flexible in the way you execute, you can mitigate these risks.”

It is the company’s and Elmedin’s strategies which have boosted its growth, by applying techniques such as getting its foot in the door of high opportunity projects quickly and getting the work started, even if it means some sacrifice. For example, offering to start the engineering and planning process for free on a project with potential allows Eurovia to solidify its place and get the work moving as soon as possible.

In doing so “Eurovia effectively secures the work if the project goes ahead. “It’s then almost an uncontested bid,” Ademi says, displaying how by placing his company quickly and first, other competitors would be reluctant to challenge its place within the project. His team would be “on a plane tomorrow to have the discussions”, even if the project was in its early stages, to ensure that the company has its spot.

Eurovia has spent time building a vast network across Eastern Europe and having their name placed in the right people’s hands, reflected through Ademi: “We’ve spent a lot of time building our network in North Macedonia; registering local businesses and getting onto the right vendors’ lists. We specifically focus on getting invited tenders; we are not particularly keen on open-market tenders. We prefer to have at least met the people we are bidding to”.

Eurovia hasn’t just differentiated itself by being the first in on the market, but its actual work quality has made itself a name. Eurovia has involved itself deeply in the design and the construction aspects of projects, whereas its competitors will only involve themselves in either one of the two mentioned.

As such, clients see that Eurovia is willing to handle more of the workload and are more inclined to hire them. This has further contributed to the growth of Eurovia and has revolutionised the way that the construction model is looked at in North Macedonia. This is said best in the words of Ademi: “We’ve completely changed that model in North Macedonia. We transformed it into a design and construction model and we save the clients a lot of money.”

An entrepreneur from the start

“I think I frustrated the hell out of my parents as a child. I was always busy with some sort of scheme, trying to make a buck in some way.” Sums up Ademi quite well. From an early age, he always had an entrepreneurial spirit, which allowed him to pursue many ventures in his early adult life up until now, where he has enjoyed success through his work. The Eurovia Group covers a number of his ventures including the aforementioned Eurovia, a construction business, with over 6 affiliated companies all under the umbrella of the Eurovia Group.

At the young age of 22, he founded Screen Media, a company which went on to take the outdoor advertising industry by storm. From here on, he founded Talentia in 2016, which proved itself as a worthy business and development research firm. The year after, Eurovia DMD was developed with an interest in HoReCa and FMCG products. Ademi also saw the opportunities within the Albania and Kosovo real estate market and used his Eurovia Group to pursue these in 2019. Finally, in the current year, Ademi proposed Energovia, an energy company investing into hydropower plants for sustainable energy sources. Responding to the pandemic and its wake, Ademi founded the Eurovia Foundation, seeking to create sustainable business development goals in the new environment that pandemic brought to the world. The Eurovia Foundation also aims to bring efforts to deal with the wreckage the pandemic has left.

The early stages of the Eurovia Group were humble: “We were two guys and a table and had to find work,” Ademi remembers the early days of Eurovia. From the outset, they intended to build a large company as opposed to a boutique consultancy. “You create what you want to create,” he explains. “I always had the view I didn’t want to be a specialist subcontractor or a one-man show; I want a business that stands on its own. From day one, I said we had to work directly for the end-users.”

Ademi always believed in going through with something that you wanted, and never saw himself working for others as an employee. “You won’t know everything when you start. You don’t even know 10%; and if you try and figure it all out before you start, you will never start. If you look at the general population: perhaps 1% of people have the courage to do something on their own and the other 99% caution you why you shouldn’t do it … Understand clearly what you want to do and get on with it.”

These wise words further express his ability and drive and is something he believes many could learn from for success in the business world. Success doesn’t come without some bumbps in the road, and this was no different for Ademi “We’ve had some really tight cash flow situations. It is never fun to have to let one or two people go but we had to go through some of that.”

Regardless of this, Elmedin Ademi is a notable business figure and entrepreneur to keep your eye on. His drive and determination, as well as his unique approaches to businesses across various industries in Eastern Europe have earned him success and growth.