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Elite Gambler David Nicholas Puts His Chips in Lifestyle Brand

David Nicholas or “The Captain Davo” as he was fondly called by his fans in the gambling world decided to venture into the business. He bid goodbye to his opulent word of gambling to start his business with a lifestyle brand that he named “The Captain Davo”. The name itself resonates with the glam and fame he earned from his exclusive stunts in the world of gambling.

The 25-year-old ex-gambler will now be selling caps and t-shirts only under his brand. Going forward he wants to culminate his business into a full-fledged lifestyle brand selling eye-catching apparels. He hopes to re-create the charisma of his gambling life in his business too because he knows every tact to grab eyeballs. From showing off his exuberant lifestyle through his luxury cars, yacht parties, and revelry with bikini-clad girls, he had managed to create quite a buzz on social media.

Besides recording his live gambling bids and bets with whopping amounts, his fast-lane life had his number of followers growing every day. His Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram accounts were a bustling place for fans who simply adored his skills to win no matter the odds. His unparallel gambling skills are still recorded there for people to see while he left the glamorous world of gambling unscathed to start his business.

David Nicholas grew his millions with his adept art of gambling to become a multi-millionaire at just 25. While many people opposed and criticized his ways of glorifying the game considering its dark sides, his opulent fame overshadowed everything that came his way.

His original introduction to business happened at a very young age. He was quick to identify his innate entrepreneurial skills during his teens. He excelled at door-to-door sales and even in the B2B marketplace. He soon made his way to become a successful C-level executive in a number of reputed companies. During his time in the corporate world, David Nicholas proved his exceptional skills in sales and marketing. He was a master of communication and interpersonal relationship that paved his way to the top. He was recognized for his problem-solving abilities that assisted companies to scale their growth.

David Nicholas employed his skill and experiences in the corporate world to rock the game of gambling and now he wants to return to the entrepreneurial area by launching his own lifestyle brand “The Captain Davo”. He believes that the name itself will remind fans of the magic from his gambling stunt and help him transition easily into his new lifestyle brand.

The Australia-born gambling star has been appreciated for his move to venture into the lifestyle business. Shedding off his playboy persona he has moved on to do something construction using his natural talent. Just like his playboy image on social media and his extravagant lifestyle has created buzz around him, alluring people to peek into his personal life and gambling shows, his trendy products will soon capture the attention of his fans.