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Efe Ünver: The Passionate Rally Driver Making His Mark in the Championships

Passion and motivation are key to achieving your desired goals and succeeding in any elite sport. Many passionate drivers with an undying love for motorsports have an ultimate desire to compete in the world rally championships and win the global rally championship trophies. This is the story of Efe Ünver, an enthusiastic rally driver and businessman who has had a passion for motor racing since early childhood.

Born in Antalya 34 years ago, Ünver has worked hard to realize his childhood dream of making headlines in the rally championships. He is a board member of TURSE Tourism and has bagged significant degrees in rally championships. Ünver ranked in the top 10 at the Eskişehir Rally Championship. He also achieved 2nd and 3rd place in the Turkish Rally Championships. “I can easily say that I will continue to do so. For me, rally driving is much more than just a race,” says Ünver.

Ünver revealed that his passion for cars was born when he was young. Although it was hard for him to get things he wanted in his childhood, Ünver’s enthusiasm for motorsports remained alive. Currently, he is determined to take his driving skills a notch higher. He continues to pursue more motorsport studies and participate in competitions to strengthen and improve his driving skills.

“Everyone gets a chance to realize their dreams if they want to and work diligently. As I continue my studies in this field, I add new degrees to the ones I have achieved. It’s all about experience and hard work,” shares Ünver.

Although Ünver is making headlines in the championships, he has had to ignore the many naysayers who never believed in him and thought he was bound to fail, especially in the rally arena. “There are people around me who believe in me and what I do, but there have also been people who do not believe in me and try to push me off track. I’ve heard a lot of talk that I’m going to fail, and these comments are exhausting. You start to lose faith in yourself. So I tried to overcome these obstacles,” says Ünver.

According to Ünver, we are social beings, and there is always a life lesson to learn from someone else. “Sometimes we see that experienced people may ignore what others say. But as an adult, I can be open enough to even learn something I do not know from a child. A child can tell me something very important for me to be successful.”

Ünver believes that life is unfortunately not a straight line, and you will likely experience ups and downs as you pursue your career dreams. He emphasizes that the key to succeeding is never giving up despite the obstacles. “Do not leave your path. You have to accept that there will be failures and successes in life,” says Ünver.

Ünver is undoubtedly headed to greater heights in the rally championships in the coming years. He is working hard to achieve more degrees and take 1st place in the world rally championships. He also disclosed that TURSE Tourism plans to become much more effective in the rally sector. “We are already working successfully in fleet, premium transport, and tourism and events. I believe that we will be in a much more important position by increasing our investments,” Ünver concludes.