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Edna Freeman Continues to Promote Inclusivity with New Book “I Can Be Your Friend!: Eu Posso Ser Sua Amiga!”

Edna Freeman has quickly become a notable children’s author due to her ability to craft stories based on her own life that help other kids feel represented. Inclusivity is a key part of her storytelling, and she hopes to raise awareness and understanding of mental health with her work.

Her latest publication is a bilingual publication in English and Portuguese called “I Can Be Your Friend!: Eu Posso Ser SuaAmiga!” which addresses these issues in an enlightening yet inspiring way.

Growing up, Edna Freeman found that she had a hard time making friends, but she did not really know why.
She grew up in Brazil before moving to San Francisco in 2001 with the dream of becoming an author and activist for mental health. It wasn’t until adulthood that she found out she had ADHD and the reason for the struggles she had faced throughout her life became clearer. With these experiences in mind, she began writing “I Can Be Your Friend!: Eu PossoSer Sua Amiga!”.

The book is about a little girl named Tina struggling to make friends, much as Edna Freeman did. Freeman realized as a child that she had too much energy, which she now knows is due to her ADHD, which would make her feel misunderstood by her peers. She often felt that people could not relate to her or handle the emotions that she felt.

The story follows a girl full of energy who meets a cat that is similarly full of energy. The pair become fast friends, and together they embark on a journey of learning how to control their emotions and channel their energy.

The story is ideal for helping children who have similar experiences with ADHD or related conditions understand how they can feel in control of their emotions. Edna Freeman’s dedication to destigmatizing mental health and helping others understand it has significantly impacted the literary world. She continues to develop enjoyable yet educational stories for children young and old to enjoy.

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