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Dylan Celli Discusses How Yoga Can Help the Back

Anyone who has experienced even moderate back pain can attest to the fact that it may be the worst sort of pain there is. With your entire body relying on its proper function, a bad back can render you entirely immobile or at the very least entirely miserable. If this sounds all too familiar to you, then Dylan Celli may have a solution.

It’s his personal belief that if you’re suffering from chronic back pain, perhaps the most effective natural remedy on earth is practicing yoga. Through strengthening, straightening, and stretching, you can tackle some of those immobilizing back issues and begin to live a healthier and more fulfilling life. Continue reading to learn more.

Taking It Easy

One of the best things about yoga is that, unlike many other forms of exercise, you don’t need to exert a ton of energy or put a lot of stress on your body in order to reap some of its many benefits.

With yoga, you often get to decide how intense your workout will be. If back pain significantly hinders your range of motion, you can practice gentle modified poses that can eventually increase your range of motion and get you feeling much better.

Of course, it’s important to speak with your doctor beforehand in order to ensure that your back pain doesn’t require medical intervention or might be exacerbated by physical activity. Make sure to get the okay before jumping into a session.

Loosening Up

Stretching the body is a big part of yoga, and the release of tension that this stretching causes can be pivotal in loosening your back and relieving some of that pain. All that stretching also allows for better blood flow, which is crucial to keeping the muscles in your back nourished, healthy, and limber.

Improving Posture

The way we sit and stand can have a detrimental effect on our backs. Misalignment in our bodies can unevenly distribute weight, causing a greater burden on our backs than they’re equipped to handle, leading to stiffness, pain, and overall discomfort.

Yoga can help bring balance to your body’s weight distribution and improve your posture, which will ultimately relieve stress on your spine and the muscles in your back.

Preventing Future Injury

With increased flexibility and improved posture, you won’t just relieve some of the back issues you’ve been dealing with; you’ll help prevent injuries that tightness and poor posture may have caused in the future.

Not only that, but yoga encourages a stronger connection between your mind and body, which can help you avoid overextending yourself somewhere down the road and causing other issues with your back.

About Dylan Celli

Dylan Celli is a yoga instructor, fitness trainer, and life coach who specializes in leading people towards inner perfection by helping them achieve outward gains. Dylan primarily focuses on high-end clients: executives, athletes, and industry leaders by applying a progressive, goal-oriented strategy that improves self-confidence and inner peace.