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“Dubai number one”: The one stop all solution destination for cars lovers in Dubai.

Founded by a multi-faceted entrepreneur Rakhmat Karimov, “Dubai number one” offers many premium and exotic cars on rent. 

Dubai is a big hub for many enterprises with numerous business versions exploring and amazing the world. Rakhmat Karimov is one of the famous entrepreneurs of Dubai with very unique business of renting luxurious car to Dubai people and tourists. His love, passion and knowledge for cars is exceptional. His business has been remarkable in Dubai due to outstanding service that he and his team offers. He is first choice of the customers and highly recommended by many industry peers. Carving a special niche for himself and his firm, he has been able to scale new heights of success by catering to A+ crowd of Dubai and UAE. 

Within very short span of his career he owned his own business venture in Dubai known as ‘Dubai number one’ a company which provides all the premium, exotic and luxurious cars on rent. He had developed and catered to many customers which includes many celebrities, political personalities, VIP persons, well-known personality and many more. Enjoying the services of lavish cars of their choice like- Lamborghini, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Porsche. All cars under one roof provides a wide variety from the customers to chose from. They also help in other services like 24*7 road assistance and insurance etc. 

Rakhmat was born and brought up in Uzbekistan and belonged to a middle-class family. Searching for better opportunities and return, Rakhmat and family shifted to St. Petersburg in Russia. He did many odd jobs initially to survive. Worked as a handyman at Saint Petersburg construction development and then as a shawarma maker. Rakhmat then realized that if his life had to turn drastically then he would need to start his own venture for better profitability. He went on to start his company ‘Dubai number one’ in Dubai and since then there is no looking back for him. He has already created history by breaking many business records. Recognized and appreciated by his industry peers as well, Rakhmat has received many accolades in short time since his business inception. 

Rakhmat has also showed his interest in renting of luxury yachts and has invested his time in many real estate projects and business. Rakhmat looks to cover his potentials by managing many hats on his head and plays all roles with conviction.  

For more information do visit his website and follow his story on Instagram @dubainumber1.