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Dropshipping has been the saving grace during lockdown for entrepreneurs like Bailey Knight

The lockdowns imposed by governments like the UK have caused an enormous amount of businesses to close their doors, some of them even closing for good. With people being told to stay home and avoid going out to do anything non-essential, there has been an economic crisis created that continues to expand. While many businesses are struggling, there are some that aren’t. The world of ecommerce and dropshipping has exploded in popularity, seeing revenues for these industries go through the roof.

Bailey Knight is a 25-year-old entrepreneur who set up a Shopify store two years ago, before the pandemic. Thanks to his foresight and drive to be the master of his success, he now reaps the rewards of all the hard work he put into his business. Dropshipping meant he didn’t have to hold any physical inventory himself, which made things much easier. It has become a popular fulfillment method for many stores, especially ones using Shopify.

Ever since lockdown began, Bailey’s store has made £1M+ revenue. Thanks to his unique approach to the market using eye-catching branding and marketing, Bailey has been able to start amassing a small fortune.

To launch this successful venture, Bailey quit his day job and teamed up with his business partner Jay. This was someone who was in the commerce game before Bailey even knew that much about it. Once Jay mentored him and showed him the success that is possible, he became inspired to unlock his own financial freedom. Bailey began working on his new dropshipping business on nights, mornings, weekends, and any free time he had. Once things were set up enough, he and Jay started working full-time on it.

Bailey Knight
Bailey Knight

Today, Bailey runs two successful businesses, as well as a joint business with Jay. Some of his proudest achievements, besides earning seven figures in revenue since lockdown, are buying his dream car and traveling to exotic locations.

Bailey has always wanted the exotic Lamborghini Huracan. He was finally able to get that lambo in 2020, along with an Audi R8 and Range Rover. He has also become a bit of a globetrotter, having visited places like Bali, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, and the United States. These are just some of the initial successes Bailey has enjoys, but he is bound to expand these as his businesses continue to grow and expand.

To other aspiring entrepreneurs out there, Bailey says you need to stay motivated to succeed, even when you encounter the inevitable obstacles along the way. Stay consistent with your business money and keep grinding away. That is what Bailey did, and how he has the freedom to work for himself and do so from anywhere in the world.

Bailey enjoys inspiring other would-be entrepreneurs and offers some motivational content online. If you want to become inspired by this successful entrepreneur, then you can follow Bailey on his Instagram page and keep up with the latest from him.