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Dr. Rohit Jaiswal Launches Atelier Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas, NV

The city of Las Vegas is known for many things: gambling, nightlight, and entertainment. Increasingly finding its place on that list is bespoke cosmetic surgery. It may seem unexpected at first, but in a part of the United States characterized by aesthetics, the rise of clinics in ‘Sin City’ makes sense. Dr. Rohit Jaiswal has recently played his role in the practice’s increasing prominence with the launch of Atelier Plastic Surgery.

For Jaiswal, the practice’s Head Plastic Surgeon, the announcement follows medical education at the University of California, Berkeley, and The Ohio State University College of Medicine, as well as a supplemental degree as a Master of Public Health.

Formal training for the surgeon and now clinic owner came in the form of six years of residency at Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, California, in aesthetics, trauma and reconstruction, pediatric and craniofacial, and hand surgery. His transition into his current place of work began with additional advanced training at the University of Nevada.

“I launched Atelier Plastic Surgery after years of training and practicing plastic surgery,” Jaiswal said. “My aim is to make the practice a place of artistic ideals and talent, concierge service, and boutique presence. As we develop, we will keep our eye on the future and cutting-edge technology that could enrich our patient experience.”

The move marks a cultural shift to accommodate more medical services into Las Vegas’ increasingly diverse economy. But elements of the city’s established culture find their way into Atelier’s development plans. Luxury service looks to be a staple of Jaiswal’s business plan as he integrates the clinic into local society.

Another noteworthy element of the launch is the focus on cosmetic surgery specifically. Consumers often overlook the distinction between plastic and cosmetic procedures as the range of practices broadens with technological advancements. It’s a critical element of modern cosmetic surgeries as they seek to separate themselves from conventional views on aesthetic procedures.

“There is notable competition from other cosmetic surgery clinics looking to succeed,” Jaiswal said. “To distinguish ourselves from the competition, we plan to be patient and selective with our clientele. We believe that will enable us to have more sustainable growth.”

This approach may seem risky to some, but Atelier’s team believes in the theoretical potential of aesthetics as an industry and its appeal in Las Vegas. Its Head Plastic Surgeon welcomes the likely influx of rival practitioners as it offers the ability to set his clinic apart.