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Robert H. Cohen, M.D. explains non-surgical cosmetic treatments

Cosmetic procedures no longer mean general anesthesia and extended recovery times. According to Dr. Robert H Cohen MD, a cosmetic surgeon, specializing in minimally invasive techniques, a range of treatment options now enables transformative changes without radical surgery. 

Small Steps to Big Changes

Full surgical facelifts used to be the only solution to age-related sagging. But as Dr. Cohen explains, new non-surgical techniques like the “Vampire Facelift” rejuvenate faces with subtle improvements. 

It’s PRP, that I combine with fillers, such as a hyaluronic acid like Voluma,” explains Dr Cohen.

“What that does is it will lift the skin in certain areas, whether it’s the jawline, the cheekbone or the midface. The result is a nonsurgical facelift.

Strategic filler injections combined with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) provide non-surgical lift. While results aren’t as dramatic or lasting as surgery, this virtually painless office procedure returns definition with minimal downtime.

Innovations like these make major changes possible without radical procedures. As Dr. Cohen notes, “In the old days, remember, there was just surgery, you cut it, and you move it around. But now there are new ways. The cosmetic field is expanding.

Vampire Treatments for Rejuvenation

One category of minimally invasive treatments gaining popularity utilizes PRP, or platelet-rich plasma. Dr. Cohen elaborates, “The term vampire, whether it’s Vampire Facial, vampire scalp, vampire facelift, P shot, O shot, they all have as their foundation, PRP, which is platelet-rich plasma.

After concentrating plasma and platelets from the patient’s blood, Dr. Cohen re-injects this serum into targeted areas. The concentrated growth factors and platelets stimulate collagen production and regeneration.

“The platelets, when we inject them into the skin,  will cause the stem cells from your body to be released and aggregate at that wound to cause healing,” Dr. Cohen explains.

While results take 1-2 months to fully develop, vampire procedures provide subtle but transformative improvements. “People will start seeing fast results. They’ll initially see glowing skin because of the micro-needling and the PRP, which really helps heal the skin, when you’ve gotten laser treatments or similar procedures.”

Nonsurgical Nose Jobs

The traditional Rhinoplasty (nose job) usually involves a complex surgery often combining filing or breaking  bones, cartilage transplantation from part of the patient’s ear and other invasive procedures. 

Rhinoplasty is no longer the only option for tweaking nose shape. As Dr. Cohen describes, the “non-surgical nose job” uses strategic injections to transform the nose without surgery. Dr. Cohen further elaborates on the process:

“If there’s a bump, a depression, a “crooked” bridge or a droopy tip, we’re able to fix it using injections. Our tools include fillers, neurotoxins and steroid injections. Should they have a depression, we rectify it using a filler like Voluma or for a longer lasting effect, Bellafill. In the case of a non-surgical nose job, we’re able to straighten it, lift it or smooth it usually within a ten minute office visit. Upon completion, they see a completely transformed appearance. As they look at their reflection, they smile, acknowledging the significant difference we’ve made.”

With neurotoxins like Botox, fillers, and other injectables, Dr. Cohen can adjust issues like drooping tips, wide nostrils, bumps, and depressed bridges to achieve nose work patients are happy with.

While surgical rhinoplasty produces more dramatic, permanent results, non-surgical nose jobs offer quick, customizable enhancement with minimal recovery. According to Dr. Cohen:

“The results for the non surgical nose, in general, will be visible before the patient leaves the exam room. They will see a difference; at times subtle at other times more dramatic.”

Innovations on the Horizon

Cosmetic procedures will continue progressing beyond the scalpel. As Dr. Cohen predicts:

“I see advances with machine technology with the micro needling and the radiofrequency and a lot of the energy technology…the whole field is expanding in all different parts of the body, not just the nose.”

With an ever-expanding arsenal of lasers, injectables, and energy-based devices, the future offers improvement without extensive surgery. Plastic surgeons are quickly adopting minimally invasive procedures. 

While minimally invasive or non-invasive techniques don’t completely replace traditional procedures, they expand options for those seeking cosmetic changes on their terms. 

The medical field is expanding faster than ever. Still, before making any decisions, consult with your primary care physician.