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Dr Martina Paglia discusses her role at The International Psychology Clinic

Dr Martina Paglia is an esteemed and highly regarded psychologist with The International Psychology Clinic. Not only that, Dr Martina runs the clinic who specialises in various forms of psychological therapy. Indeed, the IPC has been assisting patients for many years and is the first private therapy clinic based in Central London specialised in offering multicultural and multilingual support. Because of society’s growing awareness surrounding various forms of mental health, the work taking place at the ICP is only growing in importance.

Dr Martina was able to answer some of our questions.

Where are you based? Do you see clients online using Skype?

I run and coordinate The International Psychology Clinic based in Central London. Naturally, our focus is providing high-quality mental healthcare services to our clients. I am a dual-qualified psychologist, specialising in both clinical psychology and forms of counselling. We provide bespoke psychological services, including Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Our team are highly dedicated and committed to helping the spiritual and emotional wellbeing of our patients. We bring an added level of love, care and compassion to everything we do. Currently, we are based in London, where we have therapy rooms in Kensington, Oxford Circus, Shoreditch, London Bridge, Islington and Marylebone.

On top of all this, we also provide international therapy services for expats in Italy. Our firm can provide terrific and experienced psychologists, who can either practice from their own office or connect with patients online via a Skype call. Charges start from just €60 per hour.

Can you tell us a bit about the background and experience of the psychologists who work in the practice?

All members of our connected team have been trained in the United Kingdom and at many leading therapy institutions. Everyone who works at the IPC has been hand-selected by me to uphold our internal standards of excellence and integrity.  Our excellent London private psychologists specialise various forms of counselling, psychotherapy (short and long term) and cognitive behaviour therapy for a wide range of problems. We help clients with their daily worries (whatever they may be), along with more serious and complex conditions.

We work with clients of all ages and are adept at treating over 60 different mental health conditions, often ranging from debilitating to less severe. Our website lists many of the conditions we are experienced in assisting with.

At The International Psychology Clinic, we recognise the importance of flexibility and adaptability. Because of this, we change our CBT and other psychotherapy services to ensure that our clients are left fulfilled and that their expectations are successfully met. We help patients by administering therapy that is designed to improve their lives, outlook and values.

Our therapists are highly experienced in all facets of their roles, particularly when it comes to operating in cross-cultural environments. Our staff are considerate and dedicated to delivering first-class patient-centred care in a manner that is safe and inclusive. If you want psychological care that is warm, caring and compassionate, then someone from our team can provide this level of car.

What type of issues or concerns do people come to your clinic for help?

Our staff are more than equipped in dealing with some of the most common conditions, while also assisting with some of the more complex and complicated issues. We can help with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, binge drinking, trauma, stress, sexual disorders, personality disorders, loss and relationship flaws.

What modalities of therapy do you practice?

For us, technique, practice and evidence are at the heart of what we do. Our team work across various modalities and age groups, including, children, teenagers, adults, couples and families. We offer Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Cognitive Analytical Therapy, Schema Therapy, Mindfulness, Psychoanalysis, Teen Counselling, Couples Therapy and Child Therapy.

What differentiates your practice from others who work in the field?

The IPC is the first private therapy clinic based in Central London to provide an international service to English-speaking clients in Italy. We take pride in our reputation, which revolves around excellence and being at the forefront of innovative clinical development. We offer short and long-term therapy services with 100% confidentiality. Our approach uses shared decision making (SDM), which refers to the process where therapists and the patients work together to formulate effective and constructive decisions. We have created reliable tools to ascertain that our SDM implementation is as effective as it can be.

How does a prospective client make a booking?

If you would like to make a booking or an enquiry, our clients simply need to visit our Book Online Page. We are the only private therapy service in London & Italy that offers a 100% confidential free consultation with the therapist of your choice. We encourage all members of the public to consider our services. Do not be held back by the stigma surrounding mental health. If you want to be better and happier with your life, and you believe that therapy could be the answer, get in touch with our clinic.