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Dr. Kasia Sterriker is Fusing Art, Environment, and Science to Create Stunning Living Spaces

Dr. Kasia Sterriker is a true master of integrating art, environment, and science into stunning and sustainable living spaces. Growing up in Poland, she was exposed to the art of bonsai, as her father was a bonsai master and her grandfather was a university lecturer and an engineer, which ignited her passion for fusing the elements of nature and art in creative ways. This unique combination of art, engineering, and environmentalism has been a source of inspiration for her throughout her childhood, and she, too, wanted to get a proper knowledge of all these disciplines in order to create something truly unique.

As a result, she pursued not one but two PhDs in Environmental Engineering and Landscape Architecture. Such a diverse education allowed her to gain a deeper understanding of the world around her while also providing her with the tools to bring nature and art together in a way that has never been done before. It’s quite remarkable that she was able to pull off such a feat, and it goes to show the immense amount of dedication and hard work she has invested in her pursuit of knowledge. Plus, this background as a “double doctor” and university lecturer, combined with her experience as an interior and exterior designer with a high-end client base, has given her a reputation as one of the most well-rounded and innovative environmental artists of our time.

Dr. Kasia’s art has been exhibited in prestigious galleries and museums throughout the world, and her patents relating to the use of geocomposite materials have been used in many eco-sustainable projects around the world. And her recent move to Dubai with her husband, Paul Sterriker, has allowed her to bring her art closer to the epicenter of a rapidly growing contemporary art scene, offering her the unique opportunity to showcase her work in this dynamic environment. Using biophilic design principles, Dr. Kasia Sterriker strives to create work that resonates with the beauty and balance of nature, creating a sense of harmony between mankind and the natural world.

Apart from that, she has transformed the properties of many high-net-worth individuals across Europe, offering them the opportunity to invest in sustainable, long-term home improvements that focus on enhancing their own personal living space and the environment in which it resides. She shares these one-of-a-kind biophilic designs with the world through her Instagram page, website, and workshops, which offer advice on how to incorporate biophilic design principles into a home or office to achieve a healthier, more balanced living space that connects the indoors with nature in a meaningful way.

These biophilic designs not only bring beauty and a sense of balance into the home, but they also improve air quality and mental well-being, reduce stress levels, increase productivity and creativity, promote better sleep patterns, and boost physical health. Moreover, the properties of many people she has worked with have experienced a financial boost due to the improved quality of their homes and their associated value, proving that taking a sustainable approach to home improvement can have long-term benefits. With so many advantages, it is no wonder that the demand for her services has grown exponentially over the years.

A quick glimpse at the magnificent biophilic designs that Dr. Kasia Sterriker has created reveals her passion for the craft and the effort she puts into each project. As a visionary environmental artist who has devoted her life to designing sustainable, eco-friendly spaces, Dr. Kasia Sterriker’s approach to home improvement has been met with enthusiasm by many homeowners and is an inspiration to aspiring designers who share her passion for sustainable biophilic designs.