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Dr. Cesar Velilla is a Cosmetic Surgeon Who Truly Cares

Dr. Cesar Velilla, aka Dr. Lipo, has, over the last decade, helped change thousands of lives with liposuction and body contouring. Velilla, however, isn’t just another beauty guru trying to sell someone on the idea of looking like some random celebrity on a magazine cover. He wants to ensure that surgery is the right thing for a patient to do. 

Dr. Velilla has even turned patients away. “Let’s say someone wants to have a liposuction and they don’t have enough fat, or what they think they’re going to achieve isn’t realistic, I won’t accept them,” he explains. He’ll also deny patients if they have any underlying medical issues that might put them at risk. “If someone comes in and their blood work isn’t normal, or they’re anemic, I won’t do any surgery on them until they fix the problem.”

Dr. Velilla and his team conduct a rigorous screening process to determine someone’s suitability for a procedure. Before accepting a patient, his team of doctors performs an intense medical consultation to ensure that the potential patient is a good candidate for their desired procedure. “Patient safety is number one,” Dr. Velilla shares. 

Once the clinic determines that a patient is an appropriate candidate for a procedure, the team incorporates comprehensive safety measures to ensure the patient has a positive experience and a safe outcome. “I’ve been trying to show in our clinics that we don’t just do cosmetic surgery. We change people’s lives. We try to go beyond just a quality procedure.” 

Dr. Cesar Velilla, for example, has a team of massage therapists that work on patients after liposuction to help drain liquid and reduce inflammation. “It’s an hour session every other day until the patient recovers,” he adds. “I want to make the experience and outcome for my patients as best as possible. That’s my main goal.”

However, surgery can’t, nor should it, fix it all. Over the years, Dr. Velilla has witnessed patients who come back repeatedly for the same procedures, with their self-esteem continuing to decrease because they neglected themselves after the surgery. A healthy lifestyle is also vital to enjoying lasting results.

“In these sessions [after the surgery], I’m talking to these people about not only transforming their bodies but also I’m trying to inspire their minds. I’m trying to incorporate this concept that cosmetic surgery is not just vanity. I’m trying to create this culture that acknowledges that we can do more than just change physical appearance. We can change lives.”