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Dr. Amit Agarkar’s Innovative Cosmetic Treatments Could be the Solution to Your Hair Loss Problems

Dr. Amit Agarkar is a renowned hair transplant surgeon who has studied rigorously to develop unique techniques and approaches to his clients’ hair loss issues. He started his clinics, VPlant Advanced Hair Clinic, with the key goal of helping people of all ages achieve better results for their hair loss.

Over a decade of experience has led him to develop an innovative hair restoration method known as MHI (Modified Hair Implant) which is helping his clients achieve unmatched results for their hair and gain a newfound sense of self. He speaks to us about his journey to becoming a surgeon and how he is making a difference in the world of hair care.

Hi Dr. Agarkar to begin could you give us some background on yourself?

I am Dr. Amit Agarkar MBBS, MD, FCPS, DDV.

I started as an average student in my school days. I did my MBBS from Government Medical college and post-graduation (MD) from reputable institute Grant Medical College and J.J Hospital in Mumbai.

My father is an Ayurvedic doctor and because of this I always wanted to be a doctor as it is a noble profession and provides dignity and great respect in society.

Later, I developed interest in Aesthetic Dermatology and Cosmetology, as it is a trending field and has a huge scope in future.

What inspired you to pursue a career as a hair restoration surgeon?

During the initial stages of my MBBS graduation, I always aspired to be a surgeon. Dermatology and Cosmetology gave me the opportunity to perform hair transplant surgeries. So, I decided to give my total dedication to this field and gain complete expertise.

How did you go about gaining the skills and qualification to do this?

During my post-graduation (MD) Studies, I got the basic knowledge. To gain practical knowledge and to get real expertise, I joined DHI international group which is a hair clinic that exclusively deals in hair restoration surgeries. I worked there as a Senior Surgeon for 3 years. There, I gained hands on experience in hair transplant surgeries and got good exposure.

Thereafter, I started my own venture as VPlant Advanced Hair Clinic with a vision to provide all the facilities of medical and surgical care for hair loss.

Now with more than 10 years of experience in this field, we have developed an innovative hair restoration method called MHI (Modified hair implant).

When using the traditional hair restoration method, we noticed that it lacks in precision, accuracy and results which led me to innovate the advanced method of Modified Hair Implantation (MHI).

Can you tell us about what led you to open Vplant Advanced Hair clinic?

Hair loss always was and is a problem for all individuals and there were not many satisfactory solutions available for these people. There was a gap between proper treatment and satisfaction.

To fill this gap and to be the bridge between hair fall problem and treatment, I came up with an idea wherein patients can not only get a proper treatment but also satisfying results.

In my early days I started developing the qualities & skills to be an entrepreneur.

I always wanted a dedicated brand for hair care totally focusing on hair issues exclusively. That’s how we started with total dedicated hair care units at Mumbai in Maharashtra and Kochi, Calicut in Kerala.

My wife Dr. Jyoti Agarkar, supported and helped me as she is also from the cosmetology field.

What service do you offer at your clinics?

  • We are dealing with medical and surgical treatments related to hair care
  • We are more focused on our patented technique of MHI (Modified Hair Implant) which is unique in terms of the combination of Advance Hair Transplant, Enriched Platelet Rich Plasma (EPRP) Therapy, along with the addition of Patented Specific Growth Factors
  • Result oriented and affordable services is our main motto

Apart from that other treatments are:

  • Medical treatment for hair loss
  • VGROW treatment, which is a combination of PRP + Growth factors + Laser light
  • E-PRP
  • Mesotheropy
  • Scalp micro pigmentation (VCOVER)
  • VFIX Hair System

Who are these services appropriate for?

All the above treatments are suitable for both the male and female gender.

Anyone who is facing any type of hair issue from the age of 10 to 70 can benefit from these various services and treatments.

  • Hair loss and hair thinning clients can benefit from our medical treatment and procedures like VGROW and E-PRP
  • For bald people we have our patented MHI Method for hair restoration and scalp micro pigmentation

Are there any key things a patient should know before going into one of these procedures?

  • Hair is the crown of our head.
  • We cannot ignore hair loss and hair thinning which later leads to complete baldness.
  • Choosing the correct clinic and a qualified doctor is very important for achieving a satisfactory outcome.

Consult our VPlant Hair experts on 9811516411 for your hair issues. We have our clinics in Mumbai and Kerala. Follow instructions and medications as per the severity of your hair loss.

  • Follow all the do’s and don’ts of each of the procedures for a good outcome.

Finally, what do you hope people get out of their experience at your clinics?

Main goals towards our clients are:

  • Great service experience
  • Excellent results
  • Cost effective Treatment

No matter what issues you face with your hair, Dr. Amit Agarkar is dedicated to finding you satisfactory solutions. He has spent years in the field of hair implant surgeries and continues to develop new and exciting ways of getting his clients the results that they desire. With VPlant Advanced Hair Clinic, you will have luscious locks in no time.

You can follow up with Dr. Amit Agarkar at

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