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Douglas James shares his story of the road to success:

Douglas James got influenced to become an entrepreneur when he saw that many Businessmen, who he knew, had amazing and unique ideas to assist people. He felt that these brilliant ideas need to be implemented to succeed. He was able to coach aspiring entrepreneurs on bagging deals and clients. Many of them achieved success due to James. 

However, it wasn’t all good right from the start and when he initially started out as an entrepreneur, Douglas had no idea what he was doing. It was like a trial-and-error method. He had his fair share of problems in Business and learnt from them to avoid them in future. Before stepping into the world of Entrepreneurship, he used to serve in the Army for more than a decade. Thus, the transition was drastic. His previous self could have never believed that he would be managing a successful Marketing Agency and a Coaching Company online. Thus, as per him, “It’s been a crazy transition”. 

Initially, it was mentioned how he started learning and soon became an expert in Facebook Marketing. However, recently, he is an avid fan of YouTube Advertising. He confirmed his stance by saying that “100 per cent without a shadow of a doubt”. However, this does not imply that he is discarding the worth of Facebook Advertisements. However, when people come across Facebook Advertisements, it is usually due to unbothered scrolling through the feed. Thus, they might or might not take interest. The probability of taking interest is lower. However, things work differently on YouTube. This is because the audience here willfully searches for a solution to their problem and the visibility of their video plays a significant part in garnering their attention. “So, if you can get in front of them at the right time, you can get them to watch a video, they come in with a lot of high buyer intent.” This is what Douglas had to say about this. Moreover, he further backed this up by stating that he read an analysis in 2016 that within two years, around 80 per cent of sales online will be generated through videos. And what platform is better for video content than YouTube? Thus, Douglas encourages everyone to try video advertisements to ace the game of entrepreneurship. 

For all his hard work, Douglas James has got the title of ‘The High-Ticket Client Guy’. This was because he helped many entrepreneurs in getting clients and expanding their business. To date, he has coached more than 1500 Businessmen and educated them about Turbo-Charge and its scope to earn money using marketing and sales techniques.

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