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DJ Karyna Romanova shares her story of getting into the music industry

DJing is not just about randomly mixing music. It is about creating a signature style that becomes an identity in the industry. A DJ has to be a performer with electrifying energy and positive vibes. Karyna Romanova shares her journey of becoming a DJ in the United States. Her passion for music played a key role in the making of her career. However, she was also helped along the way by the many connections she was able to form in the industry.

Karyna Romanova moved to the United States a few years back. She has immersed herself in her career as an actor and model. DJing started for her during the summer when the world was in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She loved the idea of creating music and learned everything about music production. It opened her eyes to how she perceived music. Karyna wanted to be a DJ and started meeting important people in the industry. These connections gave her the inspiration to create her own tracks. 

To get hands-on experience from professionals in the industry, Karyna frequently visited music shows and concerts. Today no entertainment event is complete without a DJ and she recognized the potential of being a DJ. As she communicated with more people from the industry, more opportunities started coming her way. She focused more on developing her skills to explore every opportunity to build her career. 

Karyna Romanova believes that observation and practice are the determining factors to a successful career as a DJ. Her hard work opened many doors to work in the industry. Currently, she is performing at various music events. Besides being active as a DJ, she balances it with her acting and modeling career. Karyna is working with MTM, a renowned acting agency in Miami. 

She is working hard on her first track and will soon announce the date of its release. She tries to devote all her free time to create her tracks. Her journey from being a beginner to a professional DJ was not easy. She had to immerse herself in learning everything from scratch. Gifted with a creative mind she always draws inspiration from the biggest artists in the industry. This helped her to create her signature style and unique identity as a DJ. She feels that one has to have a unique style and personality to appeal to a large audience.

Karyna Romanova wants to motivate other aspiring DJs to live their dreams. According to her, a deep understanding of music production and professional equipment is important to have a successful career as a DJ. What is equally important is to have good connections in the industry who can inspire you to create music. Every new artist should have the courage to overcome all challenges. She advises newcomers to not be afraid of the challenges and not give up easily.

Being a DJ is not as easy as it looks. Sometimes artists may struggle to find inspiration and making music may feel like a painstaking job. This is where one must figure out what inspires them and continue to create even if there is no desire. After all, there is no substitute for hard work. Even creativity requires effort to succeed. Karyna is optimistic about reaching new heights in her career in the coming years and hopes to create more tracks that are loved by her audience.