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DJ And Music Producer LUSSO Is Taking Over the Manhattan Club Scene

LUSSO is a music producer and DJ who’s currently making his mark in the electronic dance and club scene in Manhattan, New York. He has been releasing track after track since the start of his career many years ago. LUSSO, whose full name is Michael Vitarelli, has been making music since 2017 as a house music producer. Since then, he has become a famous name in the local club scene in Manhattan.

Manhattan is a city that never runs out of sources of entertainment, including a club scene that never seems to sleep. The nightclub scene in the city opened the door for young artists like LUSSO to gain exposure and slowly transition into mainstream music. The Manhattan nightclub scene offers an irresistible sound which made LUSSO become passionate about it and even build a career around it.

LUSSO has seen steady growth in his music career after releasing a series of tracks that have gotten great reviews from fans and critics. His most successful release as of late is a track called “Trippin’,” which has gotten over 250,000 streams on Spotify and SoundCloud. Some of his other popular records include “Take a Hold,” “Gimme Some,” “Party People,” “Dance Floor,” and his latest track, “Rude Boy.”

LUSSO’s music gives listeners a fresh atmosphere and experience as the DJ-producer pushes for a unique take on club music. His effort has been paying off quite well so far, as he’s currently being recognized as one of the hottest talents in house music. From performing at local nightclubs in Manhattan to releasing smash hits on SoundCloud and Spotify, LUSSO’s rise has been unstoppable.

To LUSSO, making it big in electronic dance music is harder than most people think. The competition is obviously stiff as more people are looking to jump on the bandwagon to become DJs, hoping to play at leading parties at nightclubs. LUSSO believes that quality is extremely important for EDM artists like him to be recognized in the industry. In addition, they need to be consistent as well to make sure they stay long.

It took LUSSO a few attempts and a couple of years honing his craft to finally deliver quality music on a consistent basis. He spent long hours in the recording studio to come up with excellent tracks before emailing recording labels to get his music heard. LUSSO believes that it might only take one person to get your music heard worldwide, so making smart choices is also very important.

As part of his efforts to get his music heard, LUSSO focuses on his social media presence, which he also advises other rising musicians to do. His growing popularity on Instagram has opened doors for him to get signed to major music labels like Deep Root Records and Lift Off Recordings. LUSSO uses his social media fame to scale up his other venture, which is his NFT business.

LUSSO continues to work on his craft and produce music while still performing in nightclubs. He hopes to find his name in the same sentence as Alesso, David Guetta, Steve Aoki, and Martin Garrix. LUSSO hopes to earn six digits in monthly Spotify listeners as he looks to release more material on the platform.