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Disrupting The Personal Branding Space: The Face of Edutainment

Cauveé the Inspiration Engineer® has done it all. From rapping in front of thousands as a teenager, to mastering the sales world to giving a TEDx talk, to building personal brands — the 33-year-old strategist has used his winding path to become the Face of Edutainment.

Locally Famous, Age 18

The origin of his journey begins as an artist in high school, when he sold out a venue with a whopping 1,209 fans at just 18 years old. 

His overwhelming success at a young age inspired him to go bigger and better in college, opting for a bigger space and far greater production at Emens Auditorium. But Cauveé’s show fell dramatically short, selling just 300/3300 tickets. 

This failure led the artist to drop out of school and sent him into a dark place, one defined by a depressive spiral. 

Master of Sales Psychology 

Eventually, Cauveé chose to take a different path, beginning a career in the sales industry. 

Though the work wasn’t always inspiring, Cauveé gathered invaluable tools in sales psychology that he continues to use to this day. Whether it was a gained understanding or mastery of probing and closing techniques, he developed his own sales methodology he calls “Relationship Acquisition®.”  Cauveé believes relationships drive revenue, and he walked away as a master at creating the win-win-win results through networking and selling. 

While working as an enrollment counselor at a renowned online institution, there was a marquee moment, in which helping a student named Melissa Briscoe earn her Associates Degree and overcome tremendous challenges and adversity, that allowed Cauveé to fall in love with life coaching.

However, what led him away from the corporate world was the realization that many companies lacked uplifting leaders and an environment that facilitated positive personal growth. 

An Inspiring Career Change

It was in this transitional period of his life that he experienced immense growth, after reading over 55 books on personal development and studying at accelerators and incubators in Austin, Texas. 

What drew him even further to this new path was seeing the parallels between the entrepreneurship and music  — an industry he was already very familiar with — including building a company MVP, raising money for startups and signing a record deal. 

While many coaches don’t always experience an immense amount of success right away, Cauveé did. His first student, Alexander Campbell, followed his direction and saw big-time results from doing so. Campbell broke six figures in revenue and became the No. 1 sales person for a major real estate brand in just 15 months. 

If his inaugural student’s success story was any indication, Cauveé’s calling was undoubtedly coaching and strategy. 

Speaking To The Masses

After merging his careers as a life coach and performer, Cauveé’s work rapidly earned him respect and traction in the industry as a unique personal brand.

The “Inspiration Engineer” began to speak at universities across the United States. Talking to crowds all over the nation eventually presented him with the honor-filled opportunity to be a TEDx speaker. Cauveé took this chance and delivered a motivating talk to his in-person crowd and the online viewers of the organization’s YouTube that boasts tens of millions of subscribers. 

Though this recognition was appreciated and helpful to Cauveé, he realized he was stretching himself thin rather than perfecting what he felt he was best at.

Face of Edutainment

Instead of continuing on this multifaceted path, Cauveé focused his wide breadth of abilities back on strategy, coaching and building authority for other people. 

In this phase of his life, the standout strategist-coach began to build his brand through specific tennents and help others do the same. Cauveé’s competitive advantage is ultimately proven by his remarkably high success rate and ability to merge entertainment with education. 

Stretching from the complimentary video on his website, extending through a program designed to rapidly enhance your authority via media exposure and culminating in an all-inclusive $25K package — where he becomes your right hand man — Cauveé’s services reach people of all backgrounds and financial statuses. 

Ultimately, Cauveé’s goal is to “Awaken Dreamers,” empowering people to reach their full potential with S.I.P. (strategy, instruction, and programming) — making the process of working with the proven entrepreneur a fun empowering experience at its core. His principles are built through his faith, which is reflected in the work he does with his clients. 

When you look back at Cauveé’s path, it’s interesting that what makes him special has been his ability to face trials and tribulations in a multitude of different arenas and come out on top. But his story is far from finished. 

Cauveé remains hungry to help others elevate their brands to the highest level possible, working tirelessly to give his clients the best guidance he can on the back of his extensive experience as a 33-year-old strategist. 

The incentive to work with Cauveé is written in the work he’s done throughout his lifetime and the results he’s procured since finding his passion as a coach. To learn more, visit his website at and follow him on Instagram @cauvee.