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Digital Entrepreneur, Yossy London Is Leading The Way In Bridging iGaming Web2 With Web3

Yossy London is one of the biggest businessmen around who understand the fact that web 3 is set to revolutionise the world and technology. Being a digital businessman, he runs a successful game provider company. And as a celebrity event manager in London West End Clubs for over 10 years, he has hosted big names like Paris Hilton, Rick Ross, Chris Rock and more. 

Now Yossy London is all set to create an impression in the world of blockchain and crypto as well. Yossy is 6 months old in the web 3 space so far but doesn’t miss any chance to learn about anything new in the space. Also being one of the founders of a leading content provider to the iGaming and Betting Industry, Yossy is leading the way in bridging iGaming web2 with web3.

Yossy’s passion for NFTs is known to everyone. He acquired his first Bored Ape (BAYC #247) within 3 months in the Web3 space, his 2nd (BAYC #3533) shortly after. Now he is searching for his 3rd, while holding dozens of other Yuga Labs assets such as various MAYC, BAKC, KODAs, Otherdeeds and $APE, as well as Meebits as part of Yuga Labs acquiring Larva Labs, which was a significant first big M&A move in the NFT industry. 

Yossy has also entered prestige Blue Chip projects, such as Proof Collective, Gents Croquet Club, as well as Azuki and other various projects 

Interestingly, Yossy’s first NFT investment was the famous Inbetweeners project, which is backed by Justin Bieber. He currently holds seven 1/1s and a total of over 50 Inbetweeners NFTs. They have recently made a big announcement on our partnership with Dolce & Gabbana

He also loves to share his experiences on Twitter in a way laced with humour something which makes him popular on the microblogging platform. With a followership of 27k plus, Yossy is no less than a celebrity on Crypto Twitter. He also does regular giveaways and holds Twitter Spaces regularly to educate web 3 enthusiasts.