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Digital designer Kim Baschet’s unique approach creates highly engaging visuals for businesses of all industries

With over 6 years of experience in designing eye-catching visual effects for a range of websites, apps, campaigns and installations, digital designer

Kim Baschet has created a noteworthy reputation for herself. Her positive approach and her particular interest in motion has allowed her to create unique transitions and interactive design experiences for all of the businesses she works with.

With an extensive and steadily growing portfolio, Baschet is sought out by brands and agencies worldwide to create engaging experiences for their customers.

Hi Kim, can you tell us a bit about yourself to begin?

Hey, I’m Kim Baschet. I am a lead Digital Designer from France. My main focus is on UI/UX and I have a keen interest in motion design and illustration. I am an independent designer and also a judge for Awwwards & the Webby’s. I am passionate about helping companies to build usable, scalable, and pleasing experiences.

What inspired you to pursue digital design as a career?

Growing up, I always loved to create, draw, and tell stories. As an empathetic person, I wanted to do something useful with my passion for visuals. Inspired by family members, I was also very excited about technology and the evolving internet landscape. Digital design was the convergence of all these attributes that defined my interests.

What kind of projects do you typically work on?

My craft is focused on everything digital. Depending on the project, I alternate between different mediums: website experience, augmented reality, installation, video, 3D, etc. At the moment, I’m mostly creating websites and motion UI. Some of my projects from the last two years have included an interactive calendar for The Fine Art Museums of San Francisco, Scam Spotter, a scam prevention resource from Google:

kim baschet Scam Spotter

and Le Monde’s new website design. I work with tech companies, brands, and cultural institutions. These projects can be diverse both in subject matter and visual style, but they are all on screens!

Le Monde’s new website design

What is unique about your approach to digital design?

I always design from a place of happiness and thoughtfulness. I’ve built my style and craft on this belief. Throughout my career, I found that the more fun I have, the more successful the project is. This could be creating a lively style or being excited about the opportunity to solve a complex design problem. I know my passion will translate into happiness for a user, either through ease of use or playful visuals. For example, Crumbskees, a passion project I created at Upperquad, was extremely fun to conceive and animate. Its dynamic visual system set it apart to win several awards and even be nominated for Site of the year!


You have a particular interest in motion. Can you tell us a bit about what that means?

Motion is essential nowadays to build appealing and innovative projects on screens. It’s a way to guide the user from one frame to another, creating continuity. It’s also a way to foster intentional interaction within the experience, especially in hover states and calls to action. Motion allows a user to be a part of the experience.

What is your process like when starting a new project?

When I start a new project, I connect with the company and its users, either directly or through a studio’s brief. It’s essential to have a wealth of information from stakeholders and users to ensure the project will progress in the correct direction. I also do a lot of my own background research to understand the client’s needs better. Regarding visuals, I like to concept while gathering lots of references from different fields (not only interfaces) to get inspired. It helps me bring a unique perspective.

How important is it for companies to invest in well-executed digital design?

Very important! Especially with the remote aspect of the world right now. Digital design is the image of a lot of companies these days. Besides that, it can communicate their message worldwide with only a screen and an internet connection. COVID19 has brought new constraints to our world and new ways to live. Digital products have become crucial for companies to thrive. At the moment, many businesses need to develop their digital side to expand their activity and communicate efficiently about their brand.

What effect can good digital design have on consumers?

Digital design can make or break an experience with a company. A well-designed product will satisfy, stand out, retain, and build a bond with consumers. User experience is always improving (or should be) and users have higher expectations than ever.

What are your last design picks as Judge for the international awards competition Awwwards?

Thank you Kim for your time!

You can follow up with Kim Baschet at or connect via LinkedIn here.