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Digipreneur Shrey Yadav says that innovative Digital Marketing strategies are the key to success.

Founder of ‘Glitch Digital’, which handles Digital Marketing of various brands, he strongly feels that proper online marketing strategies are essential for business expansion.

Shrey is one of the youngest digipreneurs we have today who has done exceptionally well in his career as a Digital Marketing expert. At 16, he has conquered the digital arena and the exceptional work that he is doing has his clients growing in numbers with each passing day. So what makes this young entrepreneur from Gurugram a popular personality whose work has found innumerable takers. One of the finest traits that makes people connect to him is his engagement with the netizens which is skin deep and secondly his popularity which makes him the most sought after influencers in the digital world. He has created such deep impact that his followers on social media take his word as the final one. One can proudly say that Shrey has the power to mould his audiences minds with his strong influencing skills.

Shrey apart from being a social media influencer is also the founder of a Digital Marketing company called ‘Glitch Digital‘ which has helped many brands and businesses establish their online presence. His knowledge in the area is commendable which has this talented mind write for a number of publications like Entrepreneur, Thrive, etc. What makes him stand apart from others in the field is his work which has helped many brands not only from India, but also from other countries build their online credibility. “Today, for any online business to survive and turn into a profitable venture, a robust Digital Marketing strategy is required. Just by establishing your online presence won’t do any good for the business until it reaches the right customer base, and that is possible only through proper marketing methods,” says the young digital marketing expert.

Having realized the importance of Digital Marketing, many online entities have started relying on these methods as they are cost effective and also work at lightening speed. Shrey offers customized services depending on the business, which are guaranteed to give positive results. He has successfully planned robust online strategies which have helped various businesses reach their targets in no time.


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